MOZA Racing announces new R3 Bundle for Xbox and PC

August 24, 2023

MOZA Racing currently specialises in some of the most high-end racing simulator setups that money can buy. To top it off, they have recently announced the R3 Bundle, a trio of racing simulation components that have been created in collaboration with Microsoft to be the first officially licensed racing simulator for Xbox, making this the […]

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PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo will be skipping E3 2023

February 1, 2023

It’s not the news we may have wanted to hear, but Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will all be skipping E3 2023. Originally reported by IGN yesterday, the first physical E3 event in four years will feel a little empty for some, with major releases from all three platforms likely reserved for streams, events and showcases […]

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Flight Simulator: 40th Anniversary coming to Xbox and PC – Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

June 13, 2022

Microsoft Flight Simulator will celebrate its 40th anniversary with an expanded edition of the game, launching later this year in November. It’s never too late to take to the skies, with the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator proving you can indeed tech an old dog new tricks. Check it out for yourself in the trailer below: […]

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Here’s when and where you can watch the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

June 10, 2022

With E3 cancelled once again this year, Xbox and Bethesda’s partnered games showcase is set to fill a large and highly anticipated portion of June’s Summer Games Fest. We’re fairly certain that if E3 went ahead, this would have been exactly the same showcase either way. Gaming fans can rejoice though, as we’re almost certainly […]

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Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard in mega $68.7 billion deal

January 19, 2022

In a stunning move, Microsoft has purchased publisher Activision Blizzard for a whopping sum of $68.7 billion. If Microsoft had stumbled in recent years with exclusives and variety of games, they’re definitely back on track. While it’s no secret that Activision Blizzard has been dealing with a number of discrimination and mistreatment allegations and legal […]

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PlayStation acquires minority stake in Discord, PS5 compatibility inbound

May 4, 2021

PlayStation has made a minority investment into Discord. It becomes the first of the Big Three console makers to begin a relationship with the popular online comms app. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan announced the partnership overnight with a short post on the official SIE blog. Beyond the disclosure that PlayStation had acquired a minority stake […]

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Xbox Bethesda

Microsoft’s ZeniMax acquisition finalised, Bethesda officially joins Xbox

March 10, 2021

Microsoft’s $7.5 billion acquisition of Zenimax Media, the parent company of Bethesda and its attendant studios, has formally concluded. As of today, Bethesda, and every studio under its umbrella, is officially a first-party developer at Xbox. Xbox says it will drop further Bethesda games onto Xbox Game Pass this week to celebrate the acquisition. In […]

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Xbox One

Two Days to Retirement: The life and times of the Xbox One

November 8, 2020

For the last seven years, the Xbox One has been one of the internet’s favourite punching bags. The machine that Xbox debuted at Microsoft’s Redmond campus ahead of E3 2013 was suffering an identity crisis. It was a video game console that focused on everything BUT video games. Against a resurgent and clear-minded PlayStation, the […]

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Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Review: Back in the game at last

November 6, 2020

The pain of being publicly humbled suffuses every part of the Xbox Series X. Its predecessor’s missteps inform every facet of its design, from its outer shell to the operating system that powers it. After seven long years of being trampled by the competition, Xbox is finally getting up off the mat. It has taken […]

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Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X will officially launch in November

August 12, 2020

Microsoft has narrowed down the Xbox Series X launch window from Holiday 2020 to November. The news comes as 343 Industries confirmed Halo Infinite will miss the console’s launch date, and Xbox works to get its house in order. Though Halo Infinite‘s delay is a substantial blow to its launch fortunes, Microsoft quickly took to […]

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Microsoft Surface Book 3 15-inch Review: Finding the right balance

July 27, 2020

Occupying the conceptual space between a tablet and a laptop has always been Microsoft’s goal with the Surface Book series. And it’s been a success thus far, striking a swift balance that pulls some of the best parts from each world and welds it together with a premium build. The experience switching between the two […]

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Surface Book 2

Surface Go 2 Review: Your new favourite travel buddy

July 2, 2020

The Surface Go 2 understands there’s always room in the PC market for something more portable. Business customers are always looking for something lighter. Something that can travel more easily, but doesn’t sacrifice the overall power and nimbleness of a full-blooded ultrabook. That’s the niche into which the Surface Go 2 has neatly folded itself. […]

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15-inch Review: AMD comes through

December 21, 2019

The Surface Laptop series has proven to be a big success for Microsoft, pulling them ahead when it comes to traditional clamshell laptops and placing them in direction competition with Dell and Apple. Most importantly, it has given the company a new identity in this race, and arguably won them more than a few legs. […]

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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3: details, pricing, and release

October 2, 2019

Microsoft’s successful Surface Laptop product line is finally ready to release the third iteration of their straight-forward laptop family, which will come in two different sizes when it launches later this month. Announced at a press event in New York, alongside a whole heap of other new gadgets (which we’ll get to in the coming […]

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Microsoft Pro Intellimouse Review: All work, no play

August 16, 2019

Microsoft’s Intellimouse brand has been around a really long time. For much of its life, the Intellimouse has been found at the cheaper end of the hardware scale, the kind of mouse your dad would buy when purchasing a $450 laptop on Boxing Day. Knowing that this was likely the target audience for their device, […]

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E3 2019: Press conference times and where you can see them in Australia

June 4, 2019

E3 2019 is almost upon us. The year’s biggest storm of gaming news begins in earnest next week but the announcement-packed press conferences kick off as early as Friday morning Australian time. This year’s show promises to be a pivotal one, with two high profile changes to the lineup. The first change has to do […]

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Microsoft Surface Headphones Review: Earning a spot in the premium tier

April 4, 2019

I wasn’t expecting to like Microsoft’s Surface Headphones as much as I did. Not a brand known for producing premium tier headphones, the Surface Headphones are the apparent result of watching makers operating in the same space and careful note taking. The first thing you’ll notice about the Surface Headphones is how clean the design […]

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Tech Review: One month with the Surface Laptop 2 – the good and the bad

February 1, 2019

Microsoft haven’t taken such a big leap from the Surface Laptop to its sequel, but they haven’t really had to. Released in 2017, the Surface Laptop was a strong entry for the company, and also a surprising move given that they’ve become such a dominant force in the realm of tablets and 2-in-1 devices. It […]

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Win a fancy new 256GB Surface Pro 6 to celebrate “Anything but Ordinary”

November 21, 2018

There are two reasons why we’re teaming up with Microsoft to give away a shiny new and very, very cool 256GB Surface Pro 6 worth AU$1,849.00. One, we’re just really nice people and we want you to have a good Christmas; two, Microsoft are doing something pretty damn cool in the very nifty space between […]

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Microsoft reveals Project xCloud, changing the way you game forever

October 10, 2018

On Monday Microsoft unveiled its plans and development for new game streaming service Project xCloud, which will allow users to play from any device, anywhere. Designed to work across consoles, PCs, tablets and smartphones, the core aim of Project xCloud is to allow users to experience a high quality, immersive gaming experience without the necessity […]

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Tech Review: I Had A Steamy, Weeklong Love Affair With the Microsoft Surface Go

October 3, 2018

For a long time, tablets have existed in a nebulous space – not quite as practical as a phone, and not nearly as capable as a laptop. The Microsoft Surface Go exists somewhere in the space between, filling a much needed niche in portable computing. For just over a week, I had the chance to […]

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Tech Review: Xbox Adaptive Controller is remarkable tech made for remarkable people

September 20, 2018

Gaming and physical disabilities have a long history of not working well together. Back in the early days of arcade joysticks and two-button controllers, the hurdles disabled players had to overcome in order to enjoy a video game were fewer. Even if you didn’t have great dexterity in your fingers, you could rest your palm […]

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The Surface Pro with 4G is out in Australia today, here’s a Basenji set in a hot air balloon to celebrate

April 9, 2018

I know, that headline doesn’t make a lot of sense. Here’s what’s up: Microsoft dropped their latest piece of kit, the Surface Pro with 4G this morning which is good news for tech fans looking for their new portable machine. Not content to run a typical marketing campaign, Microsoft AU decided to send Australian DJ […]

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Tech Review: Microsoft Surface Book 2: Pleasant surprise

March 21, 2018

I come from a generation of tech nerds for whom dunking on Microsoft was simply the done thing. Apple was nowhere to be seen when I was a teenager and we grew up using Windows machines. To this day, whenever I see the House of M’s name attached to anything, I must fight an old, […]

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Sea of Thieves Closed Beta: It’s nice to be excited for a Rare game again

February 5, 2018

The Sea of Thieves closed beta dropped last week, attracting a surge of interest on social media and triggering a wave of nostalgia amount 90’s kids with fond memories of developer Rare’s golden age at Nintendo. Its been 16 years since Rare headed to Xbox and it feels, for the first time since that changeover, […]

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Microsoft Studios exclusives will now launch day-and-date on Xbox Game Pass

January 23, 2018

Xbox have announced overnight that any Xbox One titles published by Microsoft Studios will arrive on the Xbox Game Pass digital delivery platform on the same day as their retail launch. This is actually pretty huge news. Here’s why.

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Tech Review: Microsoft’s Surface Laptop dominates its price range with superior battery life

December 17, 2017

At first it may seem odd Microsoft present such a standard-looking laptop following their run with the Surface Pro and Surface RT series, a wearily received but now beloved family of tablets that really reinvented the company’s image to the casual tech consumer. Their goal of creating new product categories is nowhere to be found […]

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Yo ho ho and a boat full of trolls, Sea of Thieves drops March 20

December 11, 2017

Microsoft have announced that their upcoming multiplayer pirate title, Sea of Thieves, will see release worldwide on March 20, 2018. The game, created by legendary developer Rare Ltd, has seen multiple technical alphas and has been the sleeper multiplayer hit at numerous gaming trade shows over the last two years.

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Games Review: Xbox One X (2017): Raw power, same mistakes

November 7, 2017

Boy, Don Mattrick really fucked Xbox, didn’t he? It’s been five years since Microsoft’s now-infamous E3 2013 presentation, the unveiling of an All-in-One corporate fantasy wildly out of step with what its audience actually wanted and expected. Microsoft have been trying to course correct ever since. So dominated have they been by the runaway success […]

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Getting an Xbox One X? Don’t have NBN? It’s important to know what you’re signing up for

November 3, 2017

As of this writing I have had our Xbox One X review unit in my home for eight days. The console, along with a generous care package of games including console exclusives, new releases and a few November headliners, arrived the Thursday afternoon before PAX Aus. I’ve been able to play three of these games […]

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