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Two Days to Retirement: The life and times of the Xbox One

For the last seven years, the Xbox One has been one of the internet’s favourite punching bags. The machine that Xbox debuted at Microsoft’s Redmond campus ahead of E3 2013 was suffering an identity crisis. It was a video game console that focused on everything BUT video games. Against a resurgent and clear-minded PlayStation, the…

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2TB Xbox One S available now Australia-wide

For those who have been waiting to clear out a bit of space in their overstuffed home theatres, Microsoft have come to the rescue. The Xbox One S, Microsoft’s smaller, leaner Xbox One console is available today across the nation.

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Xbox One S 2TB console gets Australia pricing and release date

Microsoft have announced 2TB model of their new, slimline Xbox One S console will arrive in Australia in early August. The computing giant also announced local pricing for the updated console.

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