The Moza R3 Racing Bundle provides some solid entry-level simulation

Moza is no stranger to racing simulation; they’ve proven this time and time again over the years, with an impressive range of wheels, pedals, bases and even flight sticks. However, their new Xbox and PC-compatible wheel is aimed squarely at both entry-level shoppers, and those possibly looking to break into the racing simulation scene for…

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MOZA Racing announces new R3 Bundle for Xbox and PC

MOZA Racing currently specialises in some of the most high-end racing simulator setups that money can buy. To top it off, they have recently announced the R3 Bundle, a trio of racing simulation components that have been created in collaboration with Microsoft to be the first officially licensed racing simulator for Xbox, making this the…

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Game Review: F1 23 feels like a fantastic step in the right direction

I’m a huge Formula 1 fan and tend to jump into the yearly F1 release for some additional action during the current season. While I certainly enjoyed F1 22, I felt it was lacking something, and at times holding back. As the last thing I really enjoyed about the franchise came in the form of…

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