Lady Lyon

Track by Track: Lady Lyon takes a deep dive into Friends In Hell

Steeped in alt-country vibes, Sydney-based indie band Lady Lyon have just released their Friends in Hell EP. With jangly guitars and blessed with the soaring vocals of frontwoman Hayley Lyon, the EP is a beautifully varied collection of songs with all the feels. The songs are all written by Hayley, ranging from personal and self-reflective…

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Lisa Caruso

Lisa Caruso takes us through her stellar EP, Stretching, Track by Track

Lisa Caruso‘s debut album of 2020, In Feelings, was one that was played on repeat in our household and was a Christmas gift for many friends and family. It’s been revisited many times since, so we’ve been looking forward very much to the next body of work from the gifted singer/songwriter. Today, Caruso has released…

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BIGSOUND 2023: Four artists defining Australia’s next wave of Pop

Now, let me confess something: I’ve always avoided Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. It’s not that I don’t appreciate its charm – I really do, but I would much rather stay within the confines of my super secret sanctuary (a.k.a my rented bedroom). My appearances in the Valley are like a supermoon – rare and unusual, but…

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Track by Track: SLOE JACK takes us through his moving BACKSTAB (DELUXE) LP

SLOE JACK is the solo project for Victorian Jack Garritty, who has been to the dark side and back. Telling the tale of his difficult journey thus far, and giving hope to others that have found them in unfortunate circumstances, today he releases his latest record, Backstab (Deluxe), a collection of 13 honest and hard-hitting tracks….

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The Dandys

The Dandys take us through their debut EP, Sex and Feuds, track by track

The Dandys are a Brisbane/Meanjin-based punk/alt-rock outfit and today have released their debut EP, the fabulous and rocking Sex and Feuds. Back in August, the band dropped the catchy and liberating “Gums”, and have just wrapped up a successful showcase at BIGSOUND 2023. Sex and Feuds demonstrates the musicianship and maturity of a band that is still…

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Riiki Reid

BIGSOUND 2023: The New Zealanders who made the festival their own

It isn’t my intention to prod the leviathan of Australia, but in my humble opinion, some of the best acts at this year’s BIGSOUND festival originated from New Zealand. Don’t @ me. As I’m sure you are aware, the Trans-Tasman musical rivalry is hotly debated. The Finn Brothers. Dragon. Sharon O’Neill. But let’s not dwell…

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Foley share their guide to navigating adulthood and growing as songwriters to celebrate their debut album, Crowd Pleaser

Aotearoa/ New Zealand duo Foley, composed of Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett have released their highly anticipated debut album Crowd Pleaser. This album showcases their growth and confidence as artists, managing to encapsulate feelings of euphoria, nostalgia and comfort within their dynamic release. Their album Crowd Pleaser is a sleek pop production that is both uniquely…

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Harrison Storm shares his tour must haves for touring Australia in a van

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Harrison Storm has just wrapped up his Regional Australian tour. In his newly kitted out van, he visited stages in Ipswich, Gold Coast, Maroochydore, Byron Bay, Bellingen, Taree, Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Wagga Wagga, and Canberra.  This was his very first opportunity to share the new music from his upcoming album with his Australian fans in a…

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South Summit share latest EP Tales of the Yeti and six artists they’re listening to right now

Perth indie-rock five-piece South Summit have returned yet again with their second EP of the year, Tales of the Yeti – released 4 August – just six months after dropping the former Creatures. Featuring the singles “Just Like You” and “Sidelines”, the six-track project explores more of a reggae style with local influences. The past…

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Track by Track: Mainland Break take us through their debut LP, One Way Ticket To Midnight (2023)

Mainland Break are a five-piece indie-rock outfit hailing from Denver, Colorado. Today they’ve released their debut album, the beautiful and much anticipated One Way Ticket to Midnight. Featuring sweet crisp guitars, buoyant melodies and a driving beat, there is much to love here. The story telling and harmonies, coupled with a beautifully balanced production gives way…

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Future Static shares exclusive photo diary behind their new explosive music video

  Melbourne metal band Future Static are receiving all the attention they deserve right now, with their furious metal take on the Daddy Yankee classic ‘Gasolina’. Daddy Yankee’s 2004 classic ‘Gasolina’ has been a cult favourite that is not just for reggaeton fans. It is one of those tracks that is sure to be a…

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The 20 Best Albums of 2023… so far

With 2023 just past its half way point, we’re taking a look at look at some of our favourite albums released over the past six months. 2023 has started off with plenty quality releases that are sure to remain on repeat as we head into the second half of the year. With the year already…

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Sir Winston

Sir Winston shares his exclusive studio diary from his forthcoming EP Démons à Combattre

New York-based Australian recording artist, producer & DJ Sir Winston released his new single, Perfectly Numb, in June.  Sir Winston’s music effortlessly captures the indie-sleaze heyday that defined the 2010s. He fuses genres and influences, drawing from acts like Empire of the Sun and LCD Soundsystem. The final product presents a fun and vibrant sonic…

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Amelia Allan

Track by Track: Amelia Allan takes us through her debut EP, Won’t Miss You

Naarm/Melbourne-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter Amelia Allan has just released her debut EP, Won’t Miss You. The EP reveals Amelia to be a sincere and perceptive storyteller. Littered with catchy hooks, she expertly blends indie pop’s infectious energy and alt-folk’s introspective charm. The songs draw on influences from Julia Jacklin, Stella Donnelly and Courtney Barnett, in…

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Joan & the Giants share heartfelt single “Sleep Alone” and top five tips for a good night’s sleep

Perth indie-pop outfit Joan & the Giants unveiled new single “Sleep Alone” yesterday, the second since their debut EP Me & You in 2022. The haunting confession of unrequited love showcases singer Grace Newton-Wordsworth’s velvety vocals over reverberating keys and rumbling drums with muted riffs and jingling tambourine. “Sleep Alone” began as a country-tinged acoustic…

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Eagle Eye Jones

Track by Track: Eagle Eye Jones take us through their atmospheric debut album, New Growth

Sydney/Eora based Eagle Eye Jones have just dropped their dreamy debut LP, New Growth. The band are difficult to pigeon hole genre-wise.  The album is blessed with dreamy psych rock feels, orchestral swirls and lush soundscapes vividly complementing the yearning for connection and reflection throughout the lyrics. The songs reflect on traumatic events, addiction, mental…

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Thrice share top five Australia moments ahead of The Artist in the Ambulance 20th anniversary tour

California post-hardcore rockers Thrice are heading to Australia for a largely sold-out 20th anniversary tour of their seminal record The Artist in the Ambulance this September. The extensive tour will see them perform two shows in Melbourne and Perth, stopping at Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide in between. Thrice will be performing the album in full,…

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Interview: Sam McGovern and Lola Scott interview each other!

Lola Scott and Sam McGovern are two of the bright stars on the Australian music scene. They were selected for the latest round of the Live Nation One’s To Watch program and were featured last week at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney for an exclusive industry showcase. Lola hails from NSW’s Southern Highlands, and…

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Track by Track: Mt Nadir take us through their debut EP Growing Pain

Mt. Nadir‘s debut EP “Growing Pain” has finally come to fruition after an extensive two-year creative process. Growing Pain masterfully balances elements of fragility and raw intensity. It weaves a narrative of heartbreak, solitude and eventual renewal within the realms of alt-rock. Mt. Nadir burst onto the live scene last year, packing out their debut…

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Jack Bratt

Jack Bratt releases “Hand on Heart” and shares his musical influences

Singer/songwriter Jack Bratt is back with his first single since he released his gorgeous debut LP, Slow Release last year. “Hand on Heart” is an emotive gem that captures the pain and anguish of a relationship that has unexpectedly come to an end. “I long to know what will come of this. I’m unsteady. Do I…

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Track by Track: The Money War takes us through their EP I Don’t Hear You Anymore

The Western Australian-based duo, The Money War has released their EP, I Don’t Hear You Anymore today.  The duo, Dylan Ollivierre and Carmen Pepper note that the EP is about love, loss and the desire for self-expression. With authenticity at its core, the compilation addresses their innermost thoughts and emotions amidst the trials and tribulations of raising…

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Wollongong Memories: Why Yours & Owls is the greatest modern success story of the steel city

By the early 2010s, Wollongong was a city that had had its dreams of live music crushed a dozen times over – sometimes quite literally, as the bulldozing of the beloved Oxford Tavern will testify to. The most recent musical success story was Infusion a decade prior, and the fact you’re probably Googling “infusion band”…

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Foley share four memories of making their new single, “Tongue”

Foley are a duo hailing from Aotearoa, and have been releasing a string of beautifully crafted pop singles recently. They have a fresh euphoric sound, drenched in feel good sonics that has had them winning a legion of new fans of late. When their earlier single “Coffee” came across our inbox earlier this year, it…

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Katy Steele

Interview: Katy Steele on Big Star, striking a chord on Tik Tok and her upcoming tour

Katy Steele won our hearts with Little Birdy, with a voice that is instantly recognisable. She dropped her debut solo album, Humans in 2016 and on Friday this week, the follow up, Big Star is about to be released. The first single for the album was “Feel So Bad”, which was released in September last…

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Katie Wighton

Track by Track: Katie Wighton takes us through her stunning debut LP, The End

Katie Wighton has today released her much-anticipated and stunning debut LP, The End. The album is a series of reflections on events that have occured in Katies life. They touch on relationships with the wrong person, heartbreak, reconciliation and reaffirming the need to live your best life. Katie is one quarter of the much-loved ARIA award-winning…

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The VANNS give us a gear rundown with their new album Last of Your Kind

Sydney indie-rock quartet The VANNS have returned with their sophomore record Last of Your Kind, released 19 May. Featuring the singles “Making it Out Alive”, “Haunted” and “Ever”, the anticipated new album follows from their 2019 debut full-length Through the Walls. In support of the album, the band treated fans to an intimate East Coast…

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Perth’s Skyuka shares her top 4 Michael Cera movies and musical influences

“Michael Cera”  is the recently released and joyous ear-worm from Perth-based pop artist Skyuka. If you are wondering who Michael Cera is, he played George Michael Bluth in the Arrested Development series (amongst many other TV, film and theatre roles). The track puts its hooks in on the first listen. It’s about unrequited love; a topic…

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Track by Track: Du0 takes us through his captivating new EP, Float

Float is the latest EP from the extraordinary Meanjin/Brisbane-based electronic artist and producer Du0. The record is a collection of five songs that showcase the versatility and velvety touch from Du0. From the leading track, “Your Arms” featuring the gorgeous vocals of Julia Ross, to the reimagining of the classic “Walking on a Dream” from Empire…

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Track by Track: DICE take us through their new EP, Time Will Tell

Western Australia continues to give birth to bands that you must listen to. The latest on this long list is DICE, a band of four young lads from Perth who are making waves with their melodic rock featuring big choruses, jangly guitars and lyrics that resonate strongly with their generation. They have just dropped their…

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Gettin’ to know The Sooks: 5 things you never knew about the Western Sydney indie rock act

Following the release of their latest single “Burn Me Out”, Western Sydney indie rock act The Sooks have been reaped praise for their melodic musicality as they explore the deep thematics of universal disconnection. “‘Burn Me Out’ explores the feeling alienated from the things around you, being disconnected from the world and feeling like time…

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