Lady Gaga

Film Review: The entertainingly perverse House of Gucci shows the comedy and drama behind the depravity of greed

January 5, 2022

House of Gucci is the second 2021 film from acclaimed filmmaker Ridley Scott. The first was the medieval drama The Last Duel, which was about a true story involving a woman who was fighting for her voice to be heard after being sexually abused in a tyrannically and patriarchal society. The second is about a […]

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Film Review: How to be Mark Ronson introduces us to the man behind the music

October 20, 2019

“Uptown Funk”, “Shallow”, “Valerie”, “Joanne,” “Late Night Feelings,” and the list goes on. Producer, songwriter, musician and singer, Mark Ronson has contributed to some of the biggest songs and records of modern times. In How to be Mark Ronson, fans are given a taste of the man behind the music and learn that this subject […]

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Film Review: Lady Gaga shines as A Star is Born (USA, 2018) proves perfection on screen

October 19, 2018

Lady Gaga is not the first singer to embark on the transition from music to film (J. Lo, I’m looking at you), and I doubt she will be the last. However, never before have I seen a musician take this leap with such skill, such talent and such raw emotion reminiscent of a seasoned actor. […]

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Netflix set to release Lady Gaga documentary later this year

August 28, 2017

Lady Gaga is a worldwide phenomenon, with her catchy music, over the top style and wacky personality proving to be an interesting idea for a documentary. Netflix has announced they will release Lady Gaga’s documentary aptly named Gaga: Five Foot Two, which will focus in on a year in the life of music superstar Lady […]

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Filming begins on Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born remake

April 21, 2017

Filming has begun on Warner Bros. Pictures’ re imagining of the musical A Star is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Stefani Germanotta, (better known as the incomparable Lady Gaga) in her first leading role in a major motion picture. It also marks Cooper’s directorial debut as he helms the musical drama. Cooper plays Jackson Maine, a country […]

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Lady Gaga will become Donatella Versace for the third season of American Crime Story

November 8, 2016

Two figures marked by an outward style, both distinctive and unapologetic, Lady Gaga and Versace will cross paths again as she becomes Donatella Versace for the third season of American Crime Story. Lady Gaga has worked as the face of the brand in previous years, as well as maintained a close relationship with Donatella, even […]

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Lady Gaga confirms she’ll return for Season 6 of American Horror Story

March 4, 2016

Big news for American Horror Story fans this morning with Lady Gaga confirming in an interview with New York City radio station Z100 that she’d return to Ryan Murphy‘s horror anthology in 2016. Gaga joined the series to headline last year’s American Horror Story: Hotel as the enigmatic Countess to fill the void left by Jessica […]

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Live Review and Photo Gallery: Lady Gaga – Sydney Monster Hall (13.07.11)

July 14, 2011

In the biggest promotional coup that Sydney has seen since Oprah came to town, last night Lady Gaga exploded onto the Sydney “Monster” Hall stage for what was no doubt the loudest, most extravagant event the venue has seen since Margaret and David argued about some films during the Sydney Film Festival. The stage design, […]

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