Final Fantasy

Unwrapping PlayStation’s June State of Play stream

June 3, 2022

This morning’s PlayStation State of Play conference had more pressure riding on its shoulders than some may realise. With the cancellation of this year’s E3 conference and Sony’s absence from said conference these past few years, many would argue that June is the time to shine in terms of gaming announcements. That being said, Sony […]

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Recipe: How to make the Pixieberry Cheesecake from Final Fantasy XIV

September 8, 2020

It’s not often that a game is so stacked with delicious food that it inspires IRL recipes. Final Fantasy XIV is an exception. As one of the most beloved MMORPG’s based on the classic Square Enix series, XIV maintains an enviable space in the world of video games, with a passionate fan base just as […]

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Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Review: One For The Ages

April 12, 2020

In a media landscape full of remakes and remasters, it takes a masterpiece to stand out. Such is the case with Final Fantasy VII Remake, a modern take on an RPG considered one of the greatest of all time. Here it takes on another accolade — it’s also one of the greatest examples of how to […]

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Preview: Home to Midgar

March 2, 2020

When your goal is to remake a game like Final Fantasy VII, where do you even begin? Lets set aside its legendary status and the pressure of delivering on such a project. Consider instead the more intricate moving parts — its characters, mechanics and systems, its visuals, art direction, and score. Its sheer size presents […]

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E3 2019: Here’s 20 minutes of the Final Fantasy VII Remake in action

June 11, 2019

Square Enix have delivered what may have been the biggest shot of raw fan service out of any E3 presentation so far. The publisher’s E3 press briefing dedicated its opening twenty minutes to Final Fantasy VII Remake, and every second of it had fans in the audience screaming with delight. Hit the embed below and […]

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Final Fantasy XII began a new era for the series — but does it still hold up?

May 8, 2019

Final Fantasy XII is the latest in the iconic franchise to head to Nintendo Switch. This edition, The Zodiac Age, is an expanded version of an existing remaster localised for the first time in 2017 on the PlayStation 4. Like the majority of Final Fantasy remasters, ports and what-have-yous, the game looks slick, plays smoothly and […]

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Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy symphony heads to Melbourne in August

May 6, 2019

Celebrated symphonic video game concert Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy will head to Melbourne this August for a single magical performance. Featuring music from numerous Final Fantasy games by long-time series composers Nobuo Uematsu and Yoko Shimomura, with music direction by Grammy-winning artist and conductor Arnie Roth, this will be a really special night […]

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Playing Final Fantasy X for the first time in 2019 is fascinating and frustrating

April 21, 2019

Final Fantasy X is often spoken of in the same breath as the phrase, ‘the best game of all time.’ Released in 2001, it was the first Final Fantasy title to receive a sequel, and both games have since been remastered for new audiences in the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster bundle. Originally released for […]

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Final Fantasy VII Review: At home on the Switch

April 11, 2019

Arguably the best title in the series long history, and inarguably its most popular entry, Final Fantasy VII has never been far from the gaming popular consciousness since its release in 1997. It was the first time Squaresoft (now Square Enix) had been able to truly convey every part of the world they’d created. Previous […]

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Final Fantasy IX Review: A grand adventure at home on the Switch

February 28, 2019

Claiming Final Fantasy IX is your favourite of the PSOne era FF titles is a bit like saying Ringo is your favourite Beatle — most people think you’re a wanker and that there are far better musicians in the group. But what Ringo fans know is that he’s often unfairly overlooked. Sure, he’s responsible for […]

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Games Review: Lost Sphear (PS4, 2018) finds its place amongst mundanity

February 13, 2018

Lost Sphear has finally been released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. A successor of sorts to developer Tokyo RPG Factory’s fantastic I Am Setsuna, while it’s not all bad, its hard not to feel like Lost Sphear has lost the things that made Setsuna special.

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Games Review: Final Fantasy Dissidia NT (PS4, 2018): Fight for your Right

February 2, 2018

The premise of Final Fantasy‘s Dissidia spin-offs is one we’ve all seen before – the heroes and villains of World A get transported to World B for some wild, yet justifiable reason, and are then thrust into a battle for their lives and the fate of the world. It’s no different here, with Dissidia NT […]

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Review: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PS4, 2017) offers an improved, welcome return to Ivalice

July 28, 2017

While millions were playing World of Warcraft, or even the first MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, my first true experience of the open world format was with the game changing Final Fantasy XII in 2006; a title that helped bring an end to Square Enix’s PS2 era with one of the series’ most impressive entries. I […]

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Gone Before Their Time: The Video Games That Never Made It – Part II

March 22, 2017

Games projects are abandoned for a variety of reasons, from financial loss and over-ambition, to corporate meddling, and sometimes, it’s a little something in between. Loving video games is hard sometimes, but seeing our most anticipated titles cancelled without warning is harder. Last time, we took you through some of the most disappointing cancellations in […]

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The Hidden Gems of the PlayStation 2 Era

February 2, 2017

As the successor to the original PlayStation, and the awkward stepping block to the technically superior PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 2 is often largely dismissed by the modern era of gamers. Lacking the classic nostalgia of the original console, and the refined graphical capabilities and endurance of the PlayStation 3, the games of this era […]

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Nintendo Classic Mini: NES launches in November, loaded with 30 classic games

July 14, 2016

Nintendo seem to be developing a taste for the theatrical. After quietly beginning Pokémon Go‘s global roll out last week, Nintendo have sprung another surprise on fans overnight — a miniaturised Nintendo Entertainment System pre-loaded with 30 of the developer’s most beloved retro titles.

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E3 2016: World of Final Fantasy arrives on PS4 and PSVita in October

June 8, 2016

After being announced at E3 2015 with little more than a glimpse of well-known character models and some music, World of Final Fantasy now has a new trailer and a release date. Hit the jump for some serious nostalgia.

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Back to work: Gaming news you may have missed over the holidays

January 4, 2016

Welcome back, boys and girls! We’re back at work and getting ready for CES 2016 in just a few days time. Thing is, while we were enjoying the holidays, news kept rolling in – Steam had themselves a Big Winter Fail, Oculus hit a stumbling block and there was good news for Final Fantasy fans. […]

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD arrives on PC August 18

July 30, 2015

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will make its way to PC via Steam starting August 18 according an announcement by Square Enix earlier today.

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