The PlayStation Classic is bringing all your fave 32-bit memories back

September 19, 2018

With the explosion of nostalgia around Nintendo’s foray into retro consoles over the last two years, it was only a matter of time before PlayStation came through with a retro console of their own. The PlayStation Classic, a miniaturised version of the venerable original PlayStation console, is on its way and it looks to be […]

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Nintendo Classic Mini: NES launches in November, loaded with 30 classic games

July 14, 2016

Nintendo seem to be developing a taste for the theatrical. After quietly beginning Pokémon Go‘s global roll out last week, Nintendo have sprung another surprise on fans overnight — a miniaturised Nintendo Entertainment System pre-loaded with 30 of the developer’s most beloved retro titles.

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Melbourne: Celebrate the Rio Olympics at ACMI’s RETROLYMPIAD **Correction**

July 6, 2016

With the Rio Olympics right around the corner, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne is hosting a night of food, drink, live music and retro Olympic themed video games.

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Video Games Review: Shovel Knight (PS4, 2015)

November 3, 2015

There’s been a resurgence in games that trade in the nostalgia surrounding the 8-bit NES-era in the last few years. Where many of the games that seek to capitalise in the look and feel of those games, they rarely capture what really made them special. Shovel Knight isn’t one of those games. Shovel Knight doesn’t […]

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Video Games Review: Rare Replay Collection

August 4, 2015

Gaming historians got pumped when Rare announced an anthology comprising many of their best games at E3 this year. The Rare Replay Collection has arrived and offers something of an industry time capsule, cataloguing the rise and fall of one of gaming history’s most celebrated developers.

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