Day: 15 September 2022

Crowds walk out of the main theatre at the Sydney Opera House.

Review: Antidote at the Sydney Opera House raises more questions than it answers but it will make you hungry for change

Antidote at the Sydney Opera House is marketed as a ‘festival of ideas, art and change’ and the 2022 line-up presented a diverse and intriguing list of topics from climate change to the war in Ukraine. Over the last few years, it feels as if the stability we have so long expected and taken for…

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Film Review: Bodies Bodies Bodies proves to be as sharp as the murder weapon with its dark comedy and stellar filmmaking

Bodies Bodies Bodies tells the story of a group of exuberant 20-something youths who plan to party for the weekend in a remote mansion. Partygoers include Sophie (Amandla Stenberg), a rich kid who has a dark backstory involving drug use, her partner Bee (Maria Bakalova), a working-class reticent young woman, David (Pete Davidson), an unruly…

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Unwrapping PlayStation’s September State of Play

Sony PlayStation released a surprise State of Play stream yesterday, revealing a closer look at some upcoming titles like Hogwarts Legacy and the anticipated PlayStation Stars rewards program. But he studio also took the time to grace us with some brand new reveals, some even from older franchises, making their way back onto a new…

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Velcro Dog

Exclusive Single Premiere: Velcro Dog “Cone of Shame” (2022)

This week sees the release of “Cone of Shame”, the third and final single from Velcro Dog’s forthcoming debut album, Misanthropology. Ahead of its official release tomorrow we’re pleased to bring you this exclusive first listen to the dark and folksy track.  The emotive track is a stripped back affair, with a minimal acoustic arrangement…

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Book Review: J.M. Miro launches stunning new fantasy series with Ordinary Monsters

The Cairndale Institute isn’t like other schools. Taking in children with specific skills, known as Talents, it’s not only a chance to grow and learn; but also a refuge from a world not ready for their powers. Charlie Ovid can heal himself from just about any injury. Komako can manipulate dust to do extraordinary things….

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Falls Festival Victoria makes exciting location change as we edge closer to summer

Summer is on its way and who isn’t excited after a cold and wet winter!? And while we wait, Falls Festival has dropped some juicy news about its 2022/23 Victorian location. After recently revealing their new Birregurra location, which was lovingly accepted by the local community and council, a small group has filed an application…

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Film Review: George and Julia keep Ticket To Paradise a satisfactory destination

Few actors possess and exude as much movie star wattage as George Clooney and Julia Roberts.  And it’s his attractive gruffness and her screen-lighting smile that keep Ticket To Paradise from being a destination you’d request a refund for. Local audiences – predominantly those based in Queensland – are sure to get a thrill from…

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Pearl takes pride in being a demented character study over slasher genre thrills: TIFF 2022 Review

If X was Ti West‘s homage to classic 70’s horror effort The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then Pearl could almost be aligned with The Wizard of Oz, just with, you know, a lot more blood and dry-humping scarecrows. The fact that X was an initial singular success story was enough of a win for independent horror…

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