Maxime Bouttier

Film Review: George and Julia keep Ticket To Paradise a satisfactory destination

September 15, 2022

Few actors possess and exude as much movie star wattage as George Clooney and Julia Roberts.  And it’s his attractive gruffness and her screen-lighting smile that keep Ticket To Paradise from being a destination you’d request a refund for. Local audiences – predominantly those based in Queensland – are sure to get a thrill from […]

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Interview: George Clooney, Julia Roberts and the cast of Ticket To Paradise

September 13, 2022

Putting together two of the biggest movie stars is always going to come with a certain electric dynamic.  When it’s George Clooney and Julia Roberts? Chaos! And that’s meant in the best possible way. Ahead of the release of their anticipated romantic comedy reunion Ticket To Paradise, where they play a duo of exes who […]

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