Pearl takes pride in being a demented character study over slasher genre thrills: TIFF 2022 Review

September 15, 2022

If X was Ti West‘s homage to classic 70’s horror effort The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then Pearl could almost be aligned with The Wizard of Oz, just with, you know, a lot more blood and dry-humping scarecrows. The fact that X was an initial singular success story was enough of a win for independent horror […]

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Film Review: Ti West’s X is a horny, gory throwback to the 70’s era slasher movie

March 26, 2022

Taking it back to the basics of the horror genre – i.e. sex and blood sprawled out on a big cinema screen – Ti West‘s return to the fray (his last horror effort being the 2013 found footage outing The Sacrament) indulges in the slasher mentality of eras gone by whilst fusing it with a […]

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