Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Kazuya Smash Bros

E3 2021: Tekken‘s Kazuya coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate

June 16, 2021

The first announcement off the rank at this morning’s Nintendo E3 Direct was that Tekken mainstay Kazuya is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Tekken developer Bandai Namco was one of the primary devs on Smash Ultimate, and hasn’t had many of its own characters in the game so far. Kazuya joins Pacman as the […]

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Smash Bros Pyra

Super Smash Bros Ultimate adds Xenoblade‘s Pyra and Mythra to roster

February 18, 2021

Today’s Nintendo Direct opened with a new Smash Bros fighter, Pyra, from the Xenoblade Chronicles series of JRPGs. Also Mythra from the same series, who will be her shadow fighter. Smash Bros fans have long lamented the game’s growing reliance on sword-based characters, and Pyra and Mythra won’t help that situation. That said, their move […]

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Nintendo Direct in Australian times

Every announcement from today’s Nintendo Direct

February 18, 2021

Looking for every announcement from today’s Nintendo Direct? You’ll find them here. Ninty dropped a plethora of new trailers and kicked the 2021 hype train into motion. After announcing the broadcast only yesterday, we’ve quickly laid out everything Nintendo had to talk about, in chronological order.     Pyra blazes into battle! Super Smash Bros […]

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Nintendo Direct

Hour-long Nintendo Direct to drop tomorrow morning, this is not a drill

February 17, 2021

Nintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct broadcast for tomorrow, February 18, at 9am AEDT. The broadcast will feature “roughly 50 minutes of information focused on available games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate and games coming to Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2021.” The broadcast will be the first “full size” Nintendo Direct since […]

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E3 2019: Banjo-Kazooie are coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

June 11, 2019

It finally happened. After years of asking, of patient and dedicated petitioning, Bear and Bird are coming home. Banjo-Kazooie was confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during this year’s Nintendo E3 Direct broadcast. We get a look at the dream team at work in-game, complete with classic N64-era design and move-list. It’s the stuff of […]

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Melbourne’s CouchWarriors Crossup is a Dragon Ball FighterZ World Cup global qualifier and you shouldn’t miss it

December 14, 2018

With Super Smash Bros Ultimate scratching that fighting game itch pretty well at the moment, you might be on the hunt for some fresh challengers. Good news — this weekend’s CouchWarriors Crossup is not only debuting its brand new Smash Ultimate competition, it’s also a significant stop on the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Cup qualifier […]

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Games Review: Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Switch, 2018) is the Greatest Hits collection you’ve always wanted

December 11, 2018

It’s been 20 years since Masahiro Sakurai became the architect of one of the riskiest experiments in Nintendo’s history. Super Smash Bros‘ dramatic origin story is well known — Sakurai had an idea for a four-player fighting game featuring Nintendo characters. Sakurai was acutely aware that getting Nintendo to approve a game about their beloved […]

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Piranha Plant and Street Fighter‘s Ken join Super Smash Bros Ultimate

November 6, 2018 New details have emerged surrounding Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, notably, you can play as infamous Mario level-hazard, Piranha Plant. Piranha plant will be available to players who purchase early – either those who register their game card before January 31st 2019, or to those who buy digital versions. On top of this, Inceneroar […]

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PAX Aus 2018: Matt’s Top 5 Experiences From the Show Floor

October 29, 2018

It’s no secret that PAX Aus is one of the most talked about events in Australian games industry calendar. With that being said, you can imagine it’s quite busy, with three days of non-stop action for fans from across the nation and the world. With an overwhelming amount of AAA titles, indie marvels and everything […]

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Games Preview: Super Smash Bros Ultimate feels like a love letter to the world’s weirdest fighting game

August 17, 2018

It’s hard for me to believe I used to be really good at Super Smash Bros. And not merely good when compared to the group of friends I played with — I wasn’t even the best among them. I understand now why people didn’t want to fight any of us after more than a round […]

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E3 2018: Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the Greatest Hits version of your favourite fighting franchise

June 12, 2018

Let it never be said that Masahiro Sakurai doesn’t give the people what they want. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the latest installment in the long running Smash Bros franchise. What’s in it, you ask? Everything. Literally everything.

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