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New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap Review: Picture perfect

May 4, 2021

New Pokemon Snap is the 22-year sequel to a cult-favourite Nintendo 64 game. The original, released in 1999, was an inventive, if ultimately shallow, brand exercise. Players hopped into an on-rails rover and took photos of Pokemon in the wild. You had no control over the rover itself, it would wind through each level at […]

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Games Review: Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Switch, 2018) is the Greatest Hits collection you’ve always wanted

December 11, 2018

It’s been 20 years since Masahiro Sakurai became the architect of one of the riskiest experiments in Nintendo’s history. Super Smash Bros‘ dramatic origin story is well known — Sakurai had an idea for a four-player fighting game featuring Nintendo characters. Sakurai was acutely aware that getting Nintendo to approve a game about their beloved […]

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