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Interview: Krew Boylan on “becoming” Dolly Parton in Seriously Red; “(She’s) a real critical part of my creativity.”

November 23, 2022

A festival darling for 2022, Seriously Red, a Dolly Parton-centric comedy from the mind of writer/actress Krew Boylan, is finally taking centre stage in Australian cinemas this week. In this rowdy and rambunctious musical dramedy, Red (Boylan) is a vivacious, clumsy and occasionally misguided redhead who is at a crossroads in her life. After misreading […]

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Film Review: Seriously Red is an easy crowd-pleaser that gets by on its inspirational-quote mentality

November 23, 2022

Though Seriously Red is a film that has its heart in the right place and explores the rather fascinating world of celebrity impersonators and, by extension, what that does to one’s own identity, Gracie Otto‘s musically-inclined comedy never quite digs deep enough regarding its thematics. Otto’s film centres itself around Raylene “Red” Delaney (Krew Boylan, […]

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Film Review: Peter Rabbit 2 should delight its target audience

March 25, 2021

One of the first 2020 titles to delay its release substantially from its original bowing date (in this case, March 2020) due to the Coronavirus, Peter Rabbit 2 has finally hopped to a release window that makes sense.  In a country where cinemas have been open and thriving (and how!) for the better part of […]

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Film Review: Irresistible is a witty political comedy for equal opportunists

October 14, 2020

If there’s anyone who would be secure enough to make a film based around politics, Jon Stewart would arguably be one of the most well suited.  Whilst not quite as politically savvy as one might expect, given his penchant for satire, Irresistible is nonetheless a sly, consistently witty affair that wisely doesn’t exactly choose a […]

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Film Review: Instant Family (USA, 2018) is an instant failure, despite the likable cast

January 13, 2019

Family films have been a very mixed bag with me. While there are some films out there that really capture the spirit of what makes a family come together in both cinematic terms and emotional terms, most of the family films out there are incredibly cynical in how they are made i.e. a checklist of […]

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Sydney Film Festival Review: Juliet, Naked (USA, 2018) Is The Rom-Com We Deserve

June 13, 2018

Relationships are hard, messy complicated things. Finding a balance between what you want and what your partner wants, whilst still retaining a sense of uniqueness feels impossible. Most mainstream Hollywood rom-coms would have us believe that it’s possible with their glossy happy endings. Juliet, Naked is not the rom-com we need but the one we […]

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ATYP announce winners of the Rose Byrne & Rebel Wilson scholarships

March 26, 2018

The Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) have announced the winners of their international ambassadors, Rose Byrne and Rebel Wilson’s, scholarships for 2018. In its third year of applications, and with an abundance of talented young women pitching incredibly exciting projects, Rose Byrne narrowed down the list for the ‘Rose Byrne Scholarship for Emerging Female […]

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Theatre Review: Sydney Theatre Company’s Speed The Plow is a somewhat calm and controlled satirical stab at the American movie business

November 14, 2016

Speed The Plow is a somewhat calm and controlled satirical stab at the American movie business, at relationships and convenience, and at wanting to be a good person and yet always having to succumb in the end at the hands of money, money, money. As Bobby says in defeat: “I wanted to be good, but I became […]

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Film Review: Bad Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising (MA15+) (USA)

May 5, 2016

There are very few sequels that can better the original, and in the case of comedies, even less so. Films like Ghostbusters 2, the Hangover sequels, the American Pie films and others all failed to capture and improve on what made the originals successful in the first place. When I watched Bad Neighbours 2: Sorority Rising, […]

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Film Review: Spy (USA, 2015)

May 19, 2015

Earlier this year Larry Heath checked out Paul Feig’s action-comedy film Spy that got a showing at the SXSW Film Festival in Texas. An unorthodox approach for a mainstream comedy however with the film set to release in Australian cinemas this week, we take a look back at Larry’s review from then. Spy reunites Feig […]

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Exclusive SXSW Interview: Rose Byrne on working with Jason Statham, 50 Cent, and Jude Law in ‘Spy’

March 19, 2015

“It was a real eclectic mix from people all over the world,” treasured actress Rose Byrne says of the upcoming movie Spy. Larry Heath was on hand at the SXSW premiere and caught up with Rose, who talks about working with the likes of Jason Statham, Curtis Jackson AKA 50 Cent, Jude Law, and more… […]

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SXSW Q&A Highlights: Spy premieres at SXSW Film Festival with Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jason Statham and more

March 16, 2015

Ahead of its US release on June 5th, the new action-comedy Spy had a special unofficial world premiere at SXSW tonight, with actors Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale joining writer/director Paul Feig to show off the film to the Austin, Texas crowd. The room was filled with laughter from start to […]

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