Celeste Barber

Film Review: Seriously Red is an easy crowd-pleaser that gets by on its inspirational-quote mentality

Though Seriously Red is a film that has its heart in the right place and explores the rather fascinating world of celebrity impersonators and, by extension, what that does to one’s own identity, Gracie Otto‘s musically-inclined comedy never quite digs deep enough regarding its thematics. Otto’s film centres itself around Raylene “Red” Delaney (Krew Boylan,…

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Tim Minchin

Back to the Outback: A new star-studded Aussie animated film is coming to Netflix feat. the music of Tim Minchin

With a focus on, you guessed it, the Aussie outback, Netflix’s new animated film Back to the Outback is set to debut globally in 2021. Featuring a strong line-up of Aussie talent, including Isla Fisher, Miranda Tapsell, Guy Pearce and Angus Imrie, the comedy-adventure film has been directed by debut filmmakers Clare Knight and Harry…

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Celeste Barber’s Guide to Hollywood and Los Angeles

Celeste Barber has made a name for herself on Instagram by impersonating (or, more to the point: parodying, often unflatteringly) Instagram “celebrities”, so much so that the Australian comedian has become something of an Instagram Celebrity herself, amassing no less than 4.3 million followers on the platform. This popularity has led to a live show, #CelesteChallengeAccepted,…

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Everything You Missed At The Harambe Memorial Service

The cavalcade of emotional, digital, political and cultural disasters that have hit the internet in 2016 ended up being so numerous that it’s hard to look back and take stock of things. Still, someone’s got to do it. At least, that was the idea behind Bingefest’s Harambe Memorial Service. After all,  if you’re going to…

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