Kurt Russell

Film Review: Fast & Furious 9 knows that too much is never enough

June 17, 2021

As melodramatic and as nonsensical as one would expect from a series that defies the laws of physics as freely as it does whilst waxing lyrical on the importance of family, Fast & Furious 9 (or F9 as it’s being marketed) is the type of ludicrous, high-octane fluff designed for the biggest of screens. Another […]

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Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (USA, 2017) evokes the weird wonderment of the original

April 24, 2017

Whilst the general consensus is that the Marvel cinematic universe as a whole is one of the more consistent entities for audiences and critics alike, their track-record for delivering underwhelming sequels (at least compared to their predecessors) is hard to quarrel against.  Iron Man 2, Thor: The Dark World, and Avengers: Age of Ultron are all […]

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Get to know Mantis and Star-Lord’s baby daddy “Ego: The Living Planet” before watching Guardians Vol. 2

April 18, 2017

After watching Guardians of The Galaxy the day it hit cinemas in July of 2014 (yes, I feel older and did you know Justin Bieber is 23 now?), I said to myself “I want more, this is going to be pretty massive, I reckon that Groot Tree might be a hit as well”. My mate […]

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Teaser surfaces for Deepwater Horizon

May 31, 2016

Mark Wahlberg and his Lone Survivor director Peter Berg have teamed up again to chronicle the true story of the Deepwater Horizon spill in 2010, and now the first teaser is available to watch. On April 20th 2010, one of the worst ecological disasters in history occurred when a deep sea oil rig off the […]

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DVD Review: The Hateful Eight (R18+) (USA, 2015)

May 25, 2016

The Hateful Eight is (fittingly) iconic auteur Quentin Tarantino‘s eighth film, which this week opened in Australian cinemas for a limited 70mm Ultra Panavision release – the first film to do so since 1966’s Khartoum and the first Western since The Hallelujah Trail (1965). For cinephiles around the world, the day couldn’t have come soon enough, […]

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Kurt Russell officially joins Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

February 19, 2016

The sequel to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy officially entered production yesterday, putting an end to rumors that Kurt Russell was set to join the cast – by completely confirming their accuracy. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is being directed by James Gunn, with original cast members Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, […]

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Kurt Russell & Samuel L Jackson talk about their love of Quentin Tarantino & the legacy of The Hateful Eight

January 18, 2016

In the third and final part of our interview series, The Iris’ Larry Heath sits down with Kurt Russell and Samuel L Jackson to talk about what makes Quentin Tarantino a great filmmaker – both from the perspective as actors and film goers. We also find out where they think The Hateful Eight will rank among […]

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Just how cold was it when Kurt Russell and Samuel L Jackson filmed The Hateful Eight?

January 15, 2016

In the second part of our chat, The Iris’ Larry Heath sits down with Kurt Russell and Samuel L Jackson to talk about filming The Hateful Eight in the cold Colorado weather, and we make some comparisons to Kurt Russell’s performance in The Thing. Watch the chat here: The Hateful Eight is in limited release […]

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Samuel L Jackson and Kurt Russell reveal what they had to learn for The Hateful Eight and talk Australian Audiences

January 14, 2016

In the first part of our interview series with Kurt Russell and Samuel L Jackson, The Iris’ Larry Heath sits down to talk about what they had to learn before filming The Hateful Eight, and what it was like watching the film the night before with an Australian Audience. Were we any different from the rest of […]

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Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell to join Tarantino for Australian premiere of The Hateful Eight in 70mm

December 8, 2015

It’s been announced today that on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 actors Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell will join previously announced guest Quentin Tarantino on the red carpet at Event Cinemas George Street, Sydney for the Australian premiere of The Hateful Eight. The film will then be screened exclusively in 70mm for a one week from January […]

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Watch the bloody new trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight

November 6, 2015

As with all Quentin Tarantino films, The Hateful Eight has quickly become one of the most anticipated releases of the new year, and after watching the newly released second trailer, it’s not hard to see why. The all-star, gloriously violent project is led by Kurt Ressell, who plays John “The Hangman” Ruth, a man transporting […]

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