John Lennon

Film Review: Let Me Take You Down proves that the public’s penchant for true crime has gone a step too far

December 27, 2020

Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney have often asked that we do not name John Lennon’s killer. They reasoned that we should not reward Mark David Chapman, nor grant him the fame and notoriety he sought from that heinous act. There have been many films and books about John Lennon’s murder over the years. The latest, […]

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Theatre Review: Glass Onion is no regular John, just a celebration of the Lennon legend (Sydney Opera House)

February 20, 2019

The walrus was Paul, Clapton was God and Lennon is Legend. John Waters knows this because he’s had a lot of practice. Playing the tribute show, Lennon: Glass Onion since 1992, he sure knows how to live and breathe John Lennon. Oh, and that’s along with a little help from a friend called, Stewart D’Arrietta. […]

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Interview: John Waters reflects on Lennon – Through a Glass Onion ahead of Sydney Opera House shows

February 19, 2019

Created and performed by renowned Australian actor/musician John Waters and esteemed singer/pianist Stewart D’Arrietta, Lennon – Through a Glass Onion is part concert and part biography, revealing the essence of the life and astonishing talent of one of the most admired icons of the past century. It’s a compelling story and features 31 iconic hits […]

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Lennon – Through A Glass Onion to return to Sydney for 25th anniversary

September 26, 2016

Created and performed by Australian actor/musician John Waters and singer/pianist Stewart D’Arrietta, Lennon – Through A Glass Onion features 31 iconic John Lennon hits, including Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Revolution, and, of course, Imagine. Billed as part concert and part biography, Waters and D’Arrietta’s exploration of music icon John Lennon has been entertaining […]

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Film Review: The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years (M) (USA, 2016) takes us back to Beatlemania

September 17, 2016

It’s probably impossible for any film or documentary that covers The Beatles to ever be disappointing. It’s also challenging for any to shed light on an interesting aspect of the band that may not have been covered before. Director Ron Howard opts to focus this project on a particularly hectic and whirlwind time in the […]

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The AU Review’s 101 Greatest Songs of All Time: Part Four – The Top 25

May 30, 2016

Today, we find ourselves at the top end of our 101 Greatest Songs of All Time countdown. We’ve already seen some classic gems mixed in with some older favourites further down the list but as we look at this eclectic Top 25, there are definitely some tunes in here that might surprise. When it came […]

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Arts Review: colourGRIND 2012 Exhibition – The Soul Box, Adelaide (27.04.12)

April 30, 2012

In the sight-centric world of art, colour perhaps plays the most crucial role in giving an image emotion. Even the lack of colour, a black or white canvas, can provoke an emotional reaction from its audience. Colour was the theme of Friday night’s ColourGRIND 2012 Exhibition, featuring local and national artist exhibiting their works to […]

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One Movement Music Festival: Day One – The Esplanade, Perth (09.10.10)

October 14, 2010

  Saturday for me did not start off at the festival site, instead I attended a “bed in” at the Parmelia Hilton, and it was planned as a re-creation of the famous bed-in’s of John Lennon and Yoko Ono back in the 60s and 70s. The purpose however on this day was to commemorate the […]

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