Ice Cream

You can now get Gelato Messina Lamington Gelato ice creams from your local supermarket

October 20, 2021

Given summer is just around the corner, it seems the time is right for some of the most prolific sweet-leaning brands in Australia to start collaboration to produce unique new ice cream flavours. We already saw it with Koko Black as they teamed up with Connoisseur for two brilliant flavours. Now it’s Peters Ice Cream’s […]

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‘Unfudge Our Future”: Ben and Jerry’s newest flavour tackles fossil fuels

August 17, 2020

Not every dessert signals to the Australian Government an urgent message about climate change. Ben and Jerry’s latest one does just that. Dubbed “Unfudge Our Future”, the pint was created with PM Scott Morrison, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Energy Minister Angus Taylor in mind, sending a pointed message that the dessert-loving public want fossil fuels […]

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Exclusive Single Premiere: The Valla “Shut My Mouth” (2020)

July 17, 2020

Only earlier this year, The AU Review premiered their single, “Ice Cream” and now The Valla return with another smash hit called “Shut My Mouth”. After releasing their debut EP Just Chemicals in 2019, the notable newcomers have been pushing the boundaries and making themselves heard. Whether it’s rocking out in secret house concerts, hosting […]

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Ben & Jerry’s has created an “impossible” ice-cream burger for Australia

June 19, 2020

The immortal ice cream impresarios at Ben & Jerry’s have officially gone into burger territory, slapping some of their famously indulgent treats in the middle of a brioche bun and dubbing it the “Impossible to Eat Burger.” Though it’s not quite impossible to eat. Because I will eat it. As will you. The Ben & […]

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The Valla

Exclusive Single Premiere: The Valla “Ice Cream” (2020)

May 5, 2020

One of London’s latest up-and-coming indie rockers, The Valla, will be releasing their brand new single, “Ice Cream” tomorrow. Before its official release we’re stoked to bring you this exclusive first taste of the feel good track.  Recorded and produced by Andy Hall Hall (Bastille), the single is the band’s first of the year, and […]

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Ben & Jerry’s turn 10 in Australia, launch Birthday Cake flavour to celebrate

November 28, 2019

Ben & Jerry’s have been in Australia for 10 very delicious years, and are celebrating the milestone the best way they know how: “Birthday Cake”. Introducing a new Birthday Cake flavour today, the ubiquitous ice cream makers are opening us up to a celebratory profile of vanilla cake batter, heavenly pink frosting, strawberry swirls, and […]

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Here’s how to score some free Ben & Jerry’s in November

October 31, 2019

Everyone likes free ice-cream, even more so when it’s the flavourful Ben & Jerry’s. The ubiquitous ice creamers are celebrating their 10th anniversary this November by giving away some scoops. Although this one won’t be as simple as just rocking up and asking nicely. This weekend (2nd and 3rd Nov), anyone named Ben or Jerry […]

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Peters release super premium collection of Gelato Messina drumsticks

January 11, 2019

The first big Australian brand collaboration of 2019 is here, teaming Peters Drumstick with Gelato Messina for a limited edition collection of four drumstick ice creams. Launching around Australia from mid-January, the collection reimagines four of Messina’s most popular flavours as the classic Aussie drumstick as we steam towards what is usually the hottest month […]

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Magnum teams with Australia’s fashion industry for three big new flavours

February 15, 2018

Magnum, everyone’s favourite indulgent ice cream, has lifted the lid on three new exciting flavours worked up in collaboration with numerous designers and influencers from Australia’s fashion industry. The flavours, each inspired by a different designer, are being described as “artisan-inspired” and have hit shelves across the country to what will undoubtedly be some feverish […]

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Bulla release Cadbury Creme Egg ice cream tubs in the lead up to Easter

January 24, 2018

In what seems to be a never-ending race to take beloved Australian chocolates and turn them into buckets of ice cream, Bulla have announced that their latest flavour collaboration is with none other than the thick gooey goodness of a Cadbury Crème Egg. That’s right, the incredibly indulgent chocolate egg filled with rich caramel has […]

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Bend the knee to this enormous M&M ice cream sandwich in Sydney and Brisbane today

August 2, 2017

It’s National Ice-Cream Sandwich Day today. Well at least that’s what we’ve just been told by dessert slinger Mister Fitz who, for one day only, is offering pretty much the biggest, most ridiculous, world-destroying ice cream sandwich known to humankind. Given their usual flair with ice-cream sandwiches we’re expecting this one to actually taste pretty […]

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Four of Arnott’s most legendary biscuits have been turned into ice creams

July 26, 2017

In the wildest Australian collaboration yet Arnott’s have teamed up with Peters on a range of ice creams which take some of the former brand’s most iconic biscuits and turns them into indulgent ice creams. While we’re not quite at the level of Pizza Shape ice cream yet, four or Arnott’s other most famous expressions […]

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Ben & Jerry’s to give away 20,000 free tubs this weekend

July 11, 2017

This Sunday 16th July is free ice cream day. Ben & Jerry’s just kicked off a new partnership with food delivery service foodora. Put two and two together and somehow that equals 20,000 free tubs of ice cream, which will be given out across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this weekend in person. To celebrate making […]

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Ben & Jerry’s free cone day will take place across Australia this Tuesday

April 2, 2017

Each year dominant ice-cream brand Ben & Jerry’s thank their many fans for a year of support with a day entirely dedicated to free ice-cream. They’ve been doing this public service since 1979, etching a nice little tradition for themselves and watching as demand piles up – last year they handed out over 103,000 scoops […]

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Golden Gaynetto: Streets launch Golden Gaytime and Cornetto hybrid ice cream

September 6, 2016

Sometimes dreams become a reality. Streets Ice Cream have a good history of actually listening to their consumers and actually paying attention to creative requests and unique ideas. One such idea is to create the love child of the brand’s beloved Golden Gaytime and Cornetto, appropriately named the Golden Gaynetto. It was a piece of […]

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Streets Ice Cream are bringing Viennetta on a Stick to Australia

August 5, 2016

Those unmistakable ripples of Streets’ fluffy Viennetta ice cream have been burned back into the hearts and minds of Aussies everywhere since an elusive image of a “Viennetta on a stick” product went viral a few days ago. It only to lead to sighs of disappointment when it was revealed that the holy grail of […]

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Swiss ice cream giant Mövenpick launches new winter menu across 23 Australian boutiques

July 3, 2016

There’s never an off-season for ice cream, even if that season is blasting you with icy chills. As proof, Mövenpick has edged forward with a new winter menu, which includes everything from chocolate fondant to apple strudel to freshly baked waffles. In designing the winter menu, the team have used only the best ingredients they could source, […]

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Album News Weekly: 3rd June 2016

June 3, 2016

In this issue: A bunch of freshies to check out this week! You know the drill, update the music library and enjoy! Selah Sue Five years after her European multi-platinum debut, Selah Sue is releasing her sophomore LP, Reason, today via Because Music. Deeds Brisbane rock outfit Deeds are set to release their forthcoming EP Exile, today! Ice Cream Canadian electronic duo […]

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Bulla releases Fairy Bread, Cookies & Cream, and Cookie Crumble flavoured ice cream

April 27, 2016

Bulla Dairy Foods have gone and revisited a childhood classic for their new range of ice cream, resurrecting the genius creation known as Fairy Bread for the lead-flavour in the new collection, Fairy Bread Ice Cream. The Aussie brand have swapped out triangles of sliced bread for vanilla-flavoured ice cream dipped in creamy white chocolate […]

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Nathan Sasi’s artisanal ice creamery, “Good Times”, opens in Potts Point (Sydney)

February 28, 2016

Ex-Nomad, future-Mercado Chef Nathan Sasi now has his very own ice creamery, Good Times, a joint venture with wife Sali which, for it’s first week (now unfortunately over), had it’s entire menu curated by culinary goddess Christine Manfield. Now in it’s second week Good Times’ official menu will launch on Tuesday 1st March, ready to […]

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On the Shelf: Ben & Jerry’s “Save Our Swirled (SOS)”

December 12, 2015

Since 1978 Ben & Jerry’s has been a constant in discussions about good quality ice cream, and the brand has certainly delivered on that reputation time and time again. They remain once of the most loved ice creams brands in Australia, so whenever they introduce a new flavour to their ever-evolving Legendairy range it’s always […]

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