NBA 2K23 Review: A Solid Euro-Step Forward

September 20, 2022

That time of the year has rolled around again, where we begin to look forward to the nearing NBA season, discussing many of the bigger trades and looming deals around the league. Along with that however, comes the launch of the latest NBA 2K, allowing us to live out our potential virtual careers as NBA […]

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All-new horror game The Quarry announced with release date around the corner

March 18, 2022

2K and Supermassive Games have announced this morning a brand-new horror game, The Quarry, which is set to release on June 10 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. This is a huge surprise, given developer Supermassive Games churning out Dark Pictures titles like Man of Medan, Little Hope and […]

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Step Up With the Latest NBA 2K22 Gameplay Trailer

September 1, 2021

If you’re an NBA fan like I am, this time of the year feels different. Spring is on the way for us Australians, and there’s just something special in the air. The fact that a new NBA 2K game is upon us, that is. Even though the wait is almost over, fans were gifted a […]

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NBA 2K21 Introduces ‘The W’ for the Next Generation

November 5, 2020

NBA 2K21’s next generation counterpart will be introducing ‘The W’, a new portion of the game dedicated to the WNBA. Narrated by WNBA legend Candace Parker, the trailer revealed a new fully fledged career mode, which allows players to take their own custom created character through the ranks of the WNBA. It’s worth noting that […]

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Mafia: Definitive Edition Review: Come Home to the Family

September 25, 2020

The Godfather is my favourite film of all time, and it was my love of gangster films that led me to Mafia. Released in 2002, it is one of the most underrated and nuanced mobster stories of that or any hardware generation. Since then, the series has both vanished and returned to the fold, along […]

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NBA 2K21 Preview: Small Steps Forward

August 30, 2020

With the next generation of consoles looming, developer Visual Concepts has decided to shed some light on the current generation’s version of NBA 2K21, highlighting some new and improved features, updated modes and revamped locations. While much of the next-gen version is still under wraps, our sneak peak has given us a positive feeling about […]

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5 video game elements that were weirdly out of place

October 29, 2018

Back in late September, Ken Levine, one of the driving forces behind the Bioshock series posted this to Twitter during Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Attonement. Today is the Jewish day of atonement, it seems. So I’m here to apologize for the naked Atlas boss battle at the end of BioShock. pic.twitter.com/UeaEWV717Q — Ken Levine (@levine) September […]

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XCOM 2 Collection (Chest) Bursts Onto Windows PC, Mac and Linux

February 7, 2018

Good news for fans of the stellar XCOM series – 2K and Firaxis Games have just announced the release of the XCOM 2 Collection, which features all four DLC packs and the latest expansion, War of the Chosen for Windows PC, macOS and Linux.

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Games Review: Evolve (PC, 2015)

February 16, 2015

Evolve is one of those games that feels like it’s been in the pipeline for a really long time. Developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind Valve’s multiplayer zombie shoot-em-up Left 4 Dead, it sees a sci-fi future (plainly influenced by 80’s sci-fi films like Predator and Aliens) in which a squad of four […]

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