Author: Lyn Harder

Book Review: Life of Brine by Phil Jarrett is a surfer’s journey across our great land

August 29, 2017

Life of Brine (brine – water containing salts), is a surfer’s journey across our great land and venturing across many continents. In this memoir Phil Jarrett, a world class chronicler of surfing culture, brings us a multitude of stories that placed him in some of the most exciting moments in surfing history. For Jarrett, growing […]

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Book Review: David Craig’s Defeating Terror takes us behind the scenes in the hunt for the Bali bombers

August 27, 2017

Defeating Terror is a behind the scenes look at the hunt for the Bali bombers. Although, given the nature of the book, many of the names and situations, have been altered for legal reasons. The author, David Craig, was a senior officer in the Australian Federal Police (AFP), he has trained with international forces including the […]

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Book Review: Tim Flannery’s Sunlight and Seaweed is the beginning of a new way of helping our planet

August 15, 2017

Tim Flannery, is a leading writer on climate change, a scientist and an explorer. His current book, Sunlight and Seaweed, explores the possibilities on how to feed, power and clean up the world. Whilst it’s no book for dummies, it is a rather accomplished achievement put together, cleverly researched and bounded in a not-too-thick book […]

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Book Review: Get Poor Slow by David Free is a thoroughly interesting read

August 8, 2017

To review a book based on a small nook of the life of a hated book critic, to be in the head of Raymond Saint and to be included in his thoughts and actions throughout makes me want to drink a bottle of red to soak it all in – however, if I did grab […]

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Book Review: Australia’s #1 Psychic Detective Debbie Malone’s Clues from Beyond

June 11, 2017

Debbie Malone experienced six near death experiences in 1992, and from this her life changed. She could see dead people. Initially she was fearful of the visions she was witnessing till she began to embrace her spiritual awakening to try and help the spirits by investigating their murders or help find their missing bodies in […]

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Alice Springs event Parrtjima – A Festival in Light appoints first indigenous curator.

May 24, 2017

The Northern Territory Government has this week announced the appointment of Rhonda Roberts AO (Order of Australia) as curator of the second annual Parrtjima – A Festival in Light event in Alice Springs, which will run from Friday 22nd September to Sunday 1st October 2017. A Festival in Light is the first authentic indigenous festival of […]

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Book Review: Badge Boot Button by Craig Wilcox tells the story of Australia through the uniforms we wear

May 13, 2017

“Uniforms conceal and uniforms reveal. They wrap the bodies of millions of Australians every day, deflecting sun and rain, insulating against heat and cold, making feet more mobile, camouflaging thighs and chests that would be distracting to display openly and correcting our all-too-human anatomy by lengthening legs, broadening shoulders and masking disappointing hairlines!” Craig Wilcox, with […]

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Book Review: Dirk Kurbjuweit’s Fear asks how far would you go to protect your family?

May 10, 2017

Dirk Kurbjuweit is deputy editor-in-chief at Der Spiegel, receiving numerous awards for his writing over the years. Fear is the first of his works to be translated into English, as well as being adapted for film, television and radio. Fear is set in Berlin and East Germany, around the time the Berlin Wall went up. Randolph Tiefenthaler, […]

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Book Review: Ouyang Yu’s Billy Sing explores our Australian war heroes through descriptive prose

May 10, 2017

Stating that “no risk was too great for him to take”, William ‘Billy’ Sing, the real life protagonist of Ouyang Yu’s new book Billy Sing, arrived in Gallipoli in 1914 and became one of our greatest snipers. Whilst now regarded as a  war hero, his start in life wasn’t always so auspicious. Born in 1886, Billy grew up, […]

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Parrtjima – A Festival In Light will illuminate the Territory in 2017

March 9, 2017

The Northern Territory presents in its second year, Parrtjima – A Festival In Light. The magnificent free public event showcases the oldest living culture through the newest technology, illuminating 2.5 kilometres of the McDonnell Ranges, a 300-million-year-old canvas, plus more from Friday 22nd September to Sunday 1st October in Alice Springs. The showcase is an […]

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Book Review: Brian Jay Jones’ George Lucas, A Life (2016) does justice to the creator of Star Wars

January 23, 2017

Following on from documenting the life of the great Jim Henson, author Brian Jay Jones has given us another comprehensive biography, (and international best seller), this time of Star Wars creator George Lucas in George Lucas, A Life. George Lucas, A Life opens in March 1976 with Lucas having a tough time filming in Tunisia […]

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Book Review: The Woman on the Stairs by Bernhard Schlink runs the gamut of emotions

December 11, 2016

Bernhard Schlink is a German lawyer and writer. His internationally best selling novel ‘The Reader’ became an Oscar winning film staring Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes. He lives in Berlin and New York and he takes us from Germany to Australia in his current novel The Woman on the Stairs. The nameless narrator of this book […]

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Book Review: Cut by Marc Raabe is a page turner of a thriller for fans of Stieg Larsson and Val McDermid

November 17, 2016

Cut, the new book from Marc Raabe, starts with Gabriel, an eleven year old boy, discovering a secretive and disturbing crime that happened in the family home, before both his parents are killed. Then the story moves forward 29 years later and we learn where Gabriel is now, what happened to his little brother and just […]

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Book Review: Goodwood by Holly Throsby is a sharp, well written and charming novel

October 26, 2016

Holly Throsby is an Australian singer songwriter (and now novelist) who has five albums under her repertoire as a solo artist. Holly has now thrown her voice out and her thoughts in, to showcase her new debut novel, Goodwood. Goodwood is a story not about musicians or anything related to the musical world; it’s a […]

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The drama and power of Alice Springs is on show in “A Festival in Light – Parrtjima”

September 26, 2016

Alice Springs presents A Festival in Light – Parrtjima (‘pronounced ‘par-chee-ma’), a dramatic light show that stretches 2.5kms on the MacDonnell Ranges. The naturalistic themed piece references the drama and power of natural landscape. A Festival in Light is the first authentic indigenous festival of its kind ever held. This is dog story country and […]

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The awe inspiring experience of Bruce Munro’s Field of Light, near Uluru

September 16, 2016

Art installation – when you hear those words, what visions are created in your mind? Now think about an art installation based not far from Uluru (Ayers Rock), I bet that raises your eye brows. So, it’s now time to book your flights to Yulara, Ayers Rock and witness the incredible Field of Light by […]

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Event Review: Miss Burlesque Australia 2013 – Athenaeum Theatre (25.05.13)

May 25, 2013

Burlesque – when you hear the word, what does it conjure up in your mind? Perhaps twirling dancers, lace outfits, stunning costumes? Or maybe nipple tassels, whips and leather? No matter where your mind wanders, tonight’s Miss Burlesque Australia 2013 will cover all areas – and whilst we personally have been getting over the hot […]

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Live Review: The Living End – Corner Hotel, Melbourne (16.12.12)

December 18, 2012

Upon entering a gig where The Living End are playing, you will notice one thing initially – there is always a huge crowd drinking and then you will notice throughout the night the passion that leaks into each punter about this band that reigns above all else and you will find it electrifying. Fans just […]

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