Dirk Kurbjuweit

Book Review: Dirk Kurbjuweit’s Twins shows friends who put their bond to the ultimate test

September 6, 2017

Twin: duplicate or match. Identical: being the exact same one. Once again Dirk Kurbjuweit brings us a novel with some unusual characters, something I feel he is mastering rather well. Twins, is a novel about growing up, first loves and friendships. And whilst it touches on eccentric behaviour, it also involves two main characters that you’ll […]

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Book Review: Dirk Kurbjuweit’s Fear asks how far would you go to protect your family?

May 10, 2017

Dirk Kurbjuweit is deputy editor-in-chief at Der Spiegel, receiving numerous awards for his writing over the years. Fear is the first of his works to be translated into English, as well as being adapted for film, television and radio. Fear is set in Berlin and East Germany, around the time the Berlin Wall went up. Randolph Tiefenthaler, […]

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