Day: 18 August 2021

EPOS H3 Headphones Review: High-end competitor

The EPOS H3 is the latest gaming headset from Sennheiser’s nascent gaming arm. Though Senny has released scores of gaming headsets in the GSP series, the EPOS label now picks up the slack. I feel good In the H3, EPOS seems to be trying hard to veer away from the chunky, heavy GSP range and…

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Film Review: The Night House is a thought-provoking horror film exploring the thematics of grief

The idea of marrying grief and the horror genre together isn’t exactly a bold, new concept, but thanks to a thought-provoking script (courtesy of Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski), deceptively inventive set design, and a wholly committed central turn from Rebecca Hall, The Night House explores a tested theme in a fresh manner. Hall stars…

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Steven Bamidele

Track of the Week: Steven Bamidele (UK) “You Were Wrong” (2021)

Steven Bamidele is a neo-soul artist hailing from Brighton in the UK. He first burst onto the scene in 2017, and his next EP, Uncrowded is due to drop on October 15, 2021.  The first single from the EP has just been teased out, “You Were Wrong”, and we are thrilled to have it as…

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Exclusive Single Premiere: Aodhan “Three Leaf Clover” (Teenage Joans Cover) (2021)

Aodhan, the talented Dharawal singer/songwriter from Albion Park in NSW is certainly going through a purple patch. Only last month he released his outstanding debut EP, Flies In My Room, and he is following it up with a cover of the stellar Teenage Joans song, “Three Leaf Clover”. We are thrilled to be premiering the track…

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Interview: Hugh Jackman, Thandiwe Newton and Reminiscence writer and director Lisa Joy on the creation of a new futuristic world in cinema

Written and directed by Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy and starring Hugh Jackman, Thandiwe Newton and Rebecca Ferguson, Reminiscence is a mind-bending new thriller that asks the question of how far you would go to hold on to the ones you love? Speaking with our own Peter Gray ahead of the film’s release, Hugh, Thandiwe and…

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Film Review: Come Play is an effective scarer for those seeking easy thrills

One of the few horror efforts from 2020 that dared an American theatrical release last year – only one minor delay period and no being sold to a streaming service – Come Play, though perhaps stuck with the stigma of being a “direct to digital release” here in Australia, is a worthy scarer that utilises…

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