John Gallagher Jr.

Film Review: Come Play is an effective scarer for those seeking easy thrills

One of the few horror efforts from 2020 that dared an American theatrical release last year – only one minor delay period and no being sold to a streaming service – Come Play, though perhaps stuck with the stigma of being a “direct to digital release” here in Australia, is a worthy scarer that utilises…

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Film Review: Underwater is a sufficient but sometimes suffocating disaster film

January can be a bit of a dead zone for films, so it’s not a huge surprise that Underwater has ended up in this release period. A film that Disney, courtesy of its Fox acquisition, wound up with. It was completed back in 2017 and has been waiting for a better time to be released….

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Sydney Film Festival Review: The Miseducation of Cameron Post (USA, 2018) is a sensitive, frank, funny and remarkably inclusive coming-of-age LGBTIQ film

For those who have read my glowing review of American Honey, I praised the main actress Sasha Lane for being a natural on-screen and a talent to look out for. Flash-forward to almost two years later, we have her on-screen again in the comedy-drama The Miseducation of Cameron Post and that had me excited. But fortunately,…

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