Day: 11 February 2021

Film Review: Another Round overcomes its farcical premise with an organic honesty

You’d be forgiven for reading the plot outline for Another Round and assuming wacky comedic hijinks would ensue.  Based around a surprisingly real theory put forward by Norwegian psychiatrist Finn Skårderud, who suggested that humans could operate at their best with a consistent blood alcohol level of .05%, Thomas Vinterberg‘s dramedy is occasionally humorous as…

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Sundance Review: I Was a Simple Man is a beautifully assembled and yet malnourished film

Set in the present-day Oahu, Hawaii, the film follows the story of Masao (Steve Iwamoto), an aging patriarch who is spending his serene days in his home, with his vast family who intermittently keep him company. His health is deteriorating and his relationship with his family becomes more and more estranged. When he contemplates his…

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Melbourne’s Musical Theatre Scene Revived: 5 shows not to miss in 2021

Melbourne’s theatre scene is back! If you’ve missed the feeling of sitting in one of Melbourne’s lavish theatres, enjoying snacks and a drink from the bar while enjoying a show to remember, get excited because there’s a stellar lineup of shows ready to blow you away. From the Comedy Theatre to Her Majesty’s, Melbourne’s best…

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Sundance Review: We’re All Going to the World’s Fair is an outstanding directorial debut from Schoenbrun

Set in present day America, the film follows the story of Casey, a lonely teenager who participates in an online game known as the World’s Fair Challenge; a game that promises to be the scariest game in existence. After starting the game, Casey records videos of herself and posts them online in order to document…

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Luca Brasi

Album of the Week: Luca Brasi – Everything is Tenuous (2021 LP)

Google defines tenuous as “very weak or slight; insubstantial”. While this could very well be a text book definition of my physique, there’s nothing tenuous about my next claim: Luca Brasi has absolutely crushed their new album, Everything is Tenuous. Returning with their fifth LP, the Tasmanian legends have managed to kick things up a…

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Sundance Review: In Prisoners of the Ghostland, Nic Cage’s acting style fits Sono’s direction like a glove

When one hears of a collaboration between acclaimed Japanese maverick filmmaker Sion Sono between American’s acting dynamo Nicolas Cage; one cannot help but be intrigued. Even people who dislike their work would love to see the final result of their work just to see what it would be like because the very idea of such…

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Film Review: Wrong Turn takes a couple of wrong turns and becomes a hodgepodge of horror

Wrong Turn appears to be your stock-standard horror which takes a group of young twenty-somethings into a remote rural part of the US for some hiking fun. Although none of it is very fun and absolutely no good times are had. As you might imagine, during the hiking trip, on the Appalachian trail, one of…

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Eye Of A Rook

Book Review: Invisible illness spotlighted in Eye of a Rook, the insightful debut novel from Josephine Taylor

Josephine Taylor‘s debut novel is something a little bit different for Fremantle Press. Mixing historical fiction with contemporary, Eye of a Rook takes a look at women’s health throughout recent centuries, shining a light particularly on attitudes to chronic illnesses and women’s pain. Based on the author’s own experiences with vulvodynia, Taylor hopes that this book…

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Win a double in-season pass to MINARI in Australia

Thanks to Madman Entertainment we have ten double passes to give away to the upcoming release of the Golden Globe-nominated MINARI, the tender and sweeping story for writer/director Lee Isaac Chung, and starring Steven Yuen. The film arrives in Australian cinemas on February 18th. Minari follows a Korean-American family that moves to a tiny Arkansas farm in…

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Exclusive Single Premiere: Duckboi “Going to the Beach” (2021)

Wollongong must have something in its waters because it keeps throwing up talented artists. Duckboi, the solo-project for Jack Lincoln is no exception. He is about to drop his latest surf-infused hypnotic song, “Going to the Beach”. We are excited to have the premiere of this short, fun and quirky tune ahead of its release…

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Five gorgeous tiny homes perfect for a completely private Valentine’s Day in NSW

Forget cards, jewellery, chocolates or flowers this Valentine’s Day. In 2021, a romantic staycation is quite possibly the best way to mark the occasion. Better still, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so there’s an ideal excuse to enjoy a weekend escape. If you’re feeling like a tiny house escape this weekend, you’re…

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Guest Playlist: Yawdoesitall and Tawanda take us through the tracks which have influenced them

Sydney emcee Yawdoesitall has started the year with the release of a smoking new track, “Test Drive”, featuring the vocals of fellow Sydney-side producer Tawanda. This is a tune with an infectious beat and gives off some serious vibes. The two vocalists bounce off each other, complementing each other perfectly. Producer Miiner provided the beat…

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Hearthstone adds its own new WOW Classic-style format

Hearthstone fans are celebrating the announcement of a new Classic Format game mode that mimics what the game was like at launch. Classic Format uses only the original 240 cards that Hearthstone launched with. Any changes made to these cards since launch are rolled back. Warsong Commander will once again grant all your minions Charge….

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