New Music Video: Childish Gambino "Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" by Lloyd)" (2014)

Still reaping the massive success of his 2013 album Because the Internet, Childish Gambino is still steady rolling out the visuals to some of the LPs best cuts. The latest is a sun-drenched Hawaiian holiday that strangely turns into the beginnings of a b-grade horror movie. The visuals for "Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" by Lloyd)" feature rapidly rising R&B star Jhene Aiko, with her and Childish living the tropical island lifestyle...until he turns reveals his true self. *SPOILER ALERT* It's like that movie Slither, but better.

Single Stream: Pink Floyd "Louder Than Words" (2014)

The Endless River

Not going to lie, Pink Floyd are one of my all-time favorites. Maybe the guys in the office get annoyed if people blast "Us and Them" but you know something - it's awesome. And their new single off upcoming The Endless River is just as Floyd as it has been in the past. Seriously. Listen to that solo. Although, i'm not sure if this is the entire song or if it's been cut off at the end. Either way, it's frakkin' Awesome. Take a listen below.

Single Stream: No Zu "Raw Vis Vision" (2014)

You need some more funky disco in your life, especially when it has made it's way onto a carefully curated compilation by Aussie treasures Cut Copy. The Melbourne wizards are set to release Oceans Apart in November, a compilation album full of tracks hand picked and mixed by the unstoppable band. Our first taste comes in the form of "No Vis Vision" by fellow Melbourne locals No Zu, and it's one big psych-disco trip, the kind you'll be making up dance moves to all summer festival season.

New Music Video: Yellowcard "One Bedroom" (2014)

Yellowcard New Album

It’s not that unusual for musicians and activists to band together. I mean hell, even U2 did it. Probably a little too much, but hey we’re not judging. But this new clip from the band’s upcoming album Lift a Sail really shows what artists can – and often do. It’s pretty touching – take a look below.

New Music Video: Gruff Rhys "Lost Tribes" (2014)

A song about the 18th century explorer John Evans's misguided quest to find a lost Welsh tribe in the American interior, "Lost Tribes" is the third single from Super Furry Animals frontman Gruff Rhys's critically acclaimed 2014 album American Interior.

Single Stream: Redinho "Stinger"

Bubbling under this vintage electronica instrumental is a keen sense of emotion as London producer Redinho gives us a nice taste of his self-titled debut. "Stinger" sounds like something which could easily lend itself to soundtrack a classic 80's thriller, but the track also sounds irresistibly modern taking what starts as a simple riff of airy synths and builds it into a victorious anthem not unlike comparable artist M83. Check it out below.

Single Stream: Peter Bibby "Hates My Boozin'" (2014)

Melbourne troubadour Peter Bibby is set to release his brand new single "Hates My Boozin'", which is lifted from his forthcoming debut album Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician. Written when Bibby was "really drunk, for the thousandth time, and my girlfriend got really upset at me and told me I need to stop drinking or else she would leave me," the song is part Dylanesque defiance, part boozy ballad.

New Music Video: Tricky "Sun Down" (2014)


Holy hamburgers Batman – it’s Darryl from The Walking Dead! OK, so Tricky has dropped in some familiar faces for his new film clip, and an up and coming pop artist on vocals (London based Tirzah). It’s a pretty cool clip – and the song is everything you’d expect from our Bristol-based friend. Check it out now.

Single Stream: Yusef Islam "Dying to Live" (Edgar Winter Cover)

Yusef Islam Yusef Islam

Well regarded as one of the greatest songwriters of our time, with a voice instantly recognisable to millions of fans worldwide is Cat Stevens, or Yusef Islam, as he's now known. Yusef has released a new single from his upcoming album Tell ‘em I’m Gone – the first in five years - sure, it’s a cover (of Edgar Winter's 1971 power ballad), but it’s every bit Stevens as it was back then. And you can listen to it below:

the AU sessions: Jack Colwell "Three Ravens" on the Grand Piano.

Watch Sydney's Jack Colwell perform his track "Three Ravens" off his EP White Noise, live and exclusive on the Grand Piano as part of the AU review's session series.

Single Stream: Gold Fields “Hold Me” (2014)

As seen over the last 12 months, Gold Fields sure can slay a remix or two but at last they are back with an original release, and we could not be happier. Whilst “Hold Me” has less of a tribal feel that was so distinct in their 2013 debut album Black Sun, we are fully digging this new fusion of house electronica with their signature dreamy synths and of course, the smooooth vocals of Mark Robert Fuller.

Single Stream: Caitlin Park "Hunt For The Young" (2014)

Following the announcement of her final Australian show for 2014, Sydney’s Caitlin Park has released her new track "Hunt for the Young". The first song written for Park’s sophomore LP The Sleeper, "Hunt for the Young" is a simple yet stunning ballad about fighting for someone you love and features the backing vocals of Park’s close friend and frequent collaborator, Aidan Roberts.

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Transvaal Diamond Syndicate "So Sweet" (2014)

November 2014 will mark the 5th consecutive year Queenland's Transvaal Diamond Syndicate have been actively touring Australia. And now the band are going on tour to celebrate - bringing along a new single "So Sweet" along for the ride. The Track is the 4th single release off the band's 2014 debut Estranged Blues and highlights the bands upbeat and fun performance ability with sex-charged undertones. Today we're proud to premiere it for you on the AU!

Single Stream: Montgomery “Pinata” (2014)

Following her recent signing to I OH YOU, Brisbane’s Montgomery has released a new song called “Piñata” and to be frank, it is bloody beautiful.

Single Stream: Wallflower "Ambien" (2014)

Known for their dreamy melodies and chilled out vibes, Canberra’s Wallflower are back with “Ambien”, an intriguing track that balances both simplicity and texture.