Dominic Howard

Album Review: Muse’s Simulation Theory (2018 LP) is a masterful sensory sledgehammer

November 11, 2018

There’s an indescribable level of anxiety that comes with being a Muse fan any time a new album is announced. It’s the heady mixture of excitement, overwhelmingly peppered with fear of the unknown. It’s been a divided fandom for as far back as I can recall, with old-school versus the progressives, and there’s no shortage […]

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Digging Deep or Digging Down? A Muse fan’s first impression of the band’s new single, “Dig Down”

May 19, 2017

Muse dropped their brand new single, “Dig Down”, overnight and the reaction has been varied. Sounding a lot like “Madness” from The 2nd Law it has a slow, pulsating bassline – possibly from Chris Wolstenholme‘s Kitara, an assumption based purely on the similarity to “Madness” – and Matt Bellamy delivers the vocals in breathy crooner […]

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