Steve Coogan

Film Review: Stan & Ollie (UK, 2018) doffs a bowler hat to Laurel & Hardy’s classic comedy

February 17, 2019

Some acts come as a package deal. Bert and Ernie. Batman and Robin. Tom and Jerry. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy AKA comedy duo, Laurel & Hardy, can be added to this list. The two comedians made over a hundred silent and talking films. They entertained audiences with their funny antics and slapstick for decades. […]

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Film Review: Ideal Home (USA, 2018) is an average comedy with some chuckles, thanks to the leads

June 26, 2018

Considering the political climate that were in, you figure a mainstream comedy like Ideal Home, a film about two gay fathers that borders on stereotypes would be a bad idea. At least, that’s what people have been saying out there, due to impressions from the trailers and the posters. But considering that this is a […]

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Film Review: Philomena (UK, USA & France, 2013)

December 24, 2013

Catholic guilt can be one pervasive beast and if ever there was a film to embody this phenomena it’s Philomena. This is the tragic drama/comedy that is inspired by a true story. It crosses three nations, several decades in time and shows the misdemeanours of an institution that should’ve protected its vulnerable charges. The film […]

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