Jeff Pope

Film Review: The Lost King is a charming underdog tale of a woman finding her voice and its global echo

Behind every true story there’s always a slew of accusations as to what is exactly fact and what’s fiction.  In the case of The Lost King, a charming dramedy surrounding everywoman Philippa Langley and her search to find the grave of Richard III, there’s the historians who believes it absolves the king of the supposed…

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Film Review: Stan & Ollie (UK, 2018) doffs a bowler hat to Laurel & Hardy’s classic comedy

Some acts come as a package deal. Bert and Ernie. Batman and Robin. Tom and Jerry. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy AKA comedy duo, Laurel & Hardy, can be added to this list. The two comedians made over a hundred silent and talking films. They entertained audiences with their funny antics and slapstick for decades….

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