Day: 22 December 2022

Interview: Philippa Langley on her real-life story inspiring Steve Coogan’s The Lost King

Fascinated by the stories we don’t tell, and why we don’t tell them, Philippa Langley has a passion to tell distinctive and original narratives that challenge our perception of established truths. In 2012 she led the successful search to locate the grave of King Richard III through her Looking For Richard Project. Philippa conceived, facilitated…

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Film Review: The Lost King is a charming underdog tale of a woman finding her voice and its global echo

Behind every true story there’s always a slew of accusations as to what is exactly fact and what’s fiction.  In the case of The Lost King, a charming dramedy surrounding everywoman Philippa Langley and her search to find the grave of Richard III, there’s the historians who believes it absolves the king of the supposed…

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Film Review: I Wanna Dance With Somebody; Houston, we have a problem!

Much like a Greatest Hits package where it’s all the beats that both fans and the casual listener are familiar with, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, a glossy biopic about “The Voice”, Whitney Houston, Kasi Lemmons‘ film refuses to delve beyond a catchy hook.  There’s no bridge, no worthy duets, and no deep-rooted B-side. And…

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