First Impressions: A messy script doesn’t serve The First Lady, but Michelle Pfeiffer sure does!

April 20, 2022

As Gillian Anderson states – under a set of prominent teeth that appear almost caricaturish in their imagery as Eleanor Roosevelt – being a first lady isn’t a job, it’s a “circumstance”.  Such a circumstance, it would seem, that Showtime thought it only fair to showcase the women behind some of the most powerful Presidential […]

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Stan just announced four new shows for its stacked content schedule

August 16, 2019

Australian streaming service Stan are continuing to strengthen their TV show line-up, huddling closer with long term partners Showtime to bring four new shows to the platform. Given Showtime is already a huge present in the TV section of Stan, this new content line-up should be very well received. Especially since it includes Ethan Hawke […]

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First Impressions: Jim Carrey shines in Kidding (USA, 2018), but the show hides in darkness

September 6, 2018

Showtime’s new comedy-drama Kidding sees Jim Carrey return to our screens in a show that makes it very clear that life isn’t all glitter and rainbows. Carrey is one of those actors whose presence alone can fill up the whole screen, either as the most energetic leading man (The Mask) or the average, everyday man […]

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Epic ending of Penny Dreadful season three will be written in blood

June 19, 2016

Penny Dreadful season three will conclude this week with a two-hour finale event that will include the season’s two remaining episodes “Perpetual Night” and “The Blessed Dark.” Both episodes are written by acclaimed series creator John Logan, and will see the Wolf of God and Dracula confront one another in a thrilling and ensanguined finale. Ethan (Josh Hartnett), Sir Malcolm […]

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Wes Studi on the significance of Penny Dreadful‘s Kaetenay and portraying iconic Native American leaders on film

May 27, 2016

After a multitude of powerful performances on the big and small screen over the last three decades, renowned Cherokee actor Wes Studi is amassing a new legion of fans as the enigmatic Kaetenay on John Logan’s critically lauded gothic drama Penny Dreadful; a show teeming with literary horror characters including Dracula, Dorian Gray and Victor […]

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Captain America directorial duo working together on new Showtime comedy

May 11, 2016

The brothers behind box office powerhouse Captain America: Civil War, Joe and Anthony Russo, have announced they will return to TV on a new project being co-developed with Showtime. The Russo bros will produce for TV for the first time since their hit sitcoms Community and Arrested Development, and will work with comedian Moshe Kasher, […]

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Scott Rudin’s Purity bringing Daniel Craig to cable

February 16, 2016

The Scott Rudin-produced adaption of Jonathan Franzen’s novel Purity is reportedly close to finding a home with Showtime, with James Bond star Daniel Craig attached to play a major role. According to Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva, the series is currently being shopped out to cable and streaming services with Showtime looking like the most likely to take it on. […]

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Cameron Crowe’s Roadies to feature a three-day music lineup at SXSW

February 11, 2016

Showtime has announced a three-day music lineup from March 16-18 in celebration of the premiere of Cameron Crowe‘s new series, Roadies, as part of the 2016 South By Southwest Music, Film, and Interactive Festival. Roadies delves into the lives of people who live their lives on the road, all for the love of music; a […]

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The Head and the Heart headline Showtime’s three-day music experience at SXSW

February 11, 2016

In light of director Cameron Crowe‘s latest music series, Roadies, Showtime have announced a three-day music-thon to be held at Clive Bar on Rainey Street, Austin, as part of this year’s South By Southwest Music, Film, and Interactive Festival. From March 16-18, there will be bands performing every hour in the afternoon and evening, featuring […]

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Stan is now Australia’s official home of US Network Showtime

January 27, 2016

In a move that has the potential to shake up the Australian subscription streaming scene – Nine & Fairfax’s Stan has – according to The Hollywood Reporter – signed a deal with CBS to become Australia’s official home for US Network Showtime. Under the deal, Stan will have official and exclusive streaming rights to all […]

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TV Review: Masters of Sex (USA) – Season 1 Episode 1

September 30, 2013

It’s hard for us to contemplate a world where sex was a giant mystery. But in the late fifties the word “pregnancy” could be censored from television, Elvis caused a stir by shaking his hips and married couples often slept in separate, single beds. Welcome to 1957, the year when two pioneers, William Masters and Virginia Johnson took sex […]

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