Interview: Australian filmmakers the Spierig Brothers on the 20th anniversary of their cult horror hit Undead; “There’s something to be said about leaving directors alone to go and make their movie”

December 8, 2021

Before making waves in the horror genre with such box office successes and critical winners as Daybreakers, Predestination, and Jigsaw, German-born, Australian-raised brothers Michael and Peter Spierig pooled their talent, connections and coins together for Undead.  Originally released in 2003, the low-budget Australian zombie thriller was an homage to the B-grade horror entries of the […]

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Interview: Spiral director Darren Lynn Bousman on returning to the Saw franchise

May 13, 2021

After over a decade of vacating the director’s seat on the Saw franchise, Darren Lynn Bousman has returned to the series that gave birth to his career as a staple within the horror genre.  As the latest instalment releases in cinemas across the country, Spiral: From the Book of Saw (read our review here), our […]

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Film Review: Jigsaw (USA, 2017) attempts to piece together the Saw franchise

November 2, 2017

Was rebooting the seven-film-deep Saw franchise seven years after the abysmal Saw 3D really necessary? No, not really. The gore-porn films have always been enormously successful despite a substantial drop in quality from the first two entries, so financially there’s little to lose, but the story of the “Jigsaw Killer” really has nothing left to […]

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Aussies to the rescue: The Spierig Brothers on revitalising the Saw franchise with Jigsaw

November 1, 2017

The latest instalment in the Saw franchise hits cinemas today – Jigsaw – which is being helmed by the Aussies who brought us the incredible Predestination (among others), The Spierig Brothers. The film currently sits with the best reviews since the original, which of course was directed by another Aussie, James Wan. I caught up with […]

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Win a double pass to a preview screening of Jigsaw in Sydney

October 17, 2017

One of the highest grossing horror franchises of all time is back, taking the Jigsaw killer’s signature brand of twisted scenarios to the next level. The eighth Saw film, Jigsaw in the franchise hailed as the Guinness World Record holder for Most Successful Horror Film Series. Australian directors, Michael and Peter Spierig (Undead, Daybreakers, Predestination, […]

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The Saw franchise returns with new Jigsaw poster

July 12, 2017

It’s been 7 years since the hugely successful Saw franchise came to a grisly end but John Kramer is back as the titular Jigsaw and we have the first poster to truly get you on edge. The Saw franchise has earned close to a billion dollars worldwide ($953,421,276 to be exact) and stands as the fifth most […]

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