Day: 28 September 2023

Series Review: Gen V evokes the unashamed spirit of The Boys whilst forging its own naughty personality

The very idea of The Boys expanding their IP with a spin-off series is almost a move that puts the show at risk of leaning into the Marvel/DC desperation the Eric Kripke-developed program delighted in mocking.  Thankfully, Gen V is much smarter than that, honing a personality that has plenty to say on human nature,…

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Game Review: Mortal Kombat 1 builds upon its strong formula

I consider myself a casual fighting game fan. But for one reason or another, I find myself drawn to each and every Mortal Kombat iteration. Is it the gore? The unique and iconic characters? The wacky stories and alternate modes? It might just be all of them. Mortal Kombat 1 decides to reset the timeline…

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Film Review: Saw X is a gory reminder of what this sick series is capable of

Despite the fact that 2010’s 7th Saw entry was subtitled The Final Chapter, the little horror series that could has continued to soldier on with an additional 3 sequels, proving that positive financial returns will always take priority over creativity. Now, that’s not to say that The Final Chapter itself wasn’t somewhat creative – its…

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