Day: 3 October 2022

Interview: Queer For Fear producer Bryan Fuller on uncovering the history of queer subtext within the horror genre

From its literary origins with queer authors Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde to the pansy craze of the 1920s that influenced Universal Monsters and Hitchcock; from the “lavender scare” alien invasion films of the mid-20th century to the AIDS obsessed bloodletting of 80s vampire films; through genre-bending horrors from a new generation of queer creators; Queer for Fear re-examines genre stories through a queer lens, seeing them not as violent, murderous…

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Guest Playlist: Supathick share the songs that inspired “Own My Mind”

If you like your pop funky and fresh with a dash of RnB and a good dose of soul, then look no further than Perth’s Supathick. Led by the creative Christian Zappia, the band burst out of the blocks in 2020 with their EP, Dinner And A Film, and have been building their fanbase ever…

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Photo Gallery: Ngaiire + Beckah Amani + Jerome Blazê – City Recital Hall, Sydney (30.09.22)

Ngaiire brought her rescheduled 3 album tour to the City Recital Hall in Sydney on Friday night. It was worth the wait, and it didn’t take long until she had most people out of their seats and dancing along. As always, she had an incredible band with her, that helped bring the good vibes. She opened…

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Here Be Leviathans

Book Review: Here Be Leviathans cements Chris Flynn’s place as one of Australia’s most unique literary voices

Author Chris Flynn was the mastermind behind my favourite novel of 2020, Mammoth. Now he’s back with a new collection of short fiction/stories, Here Be Leviathans. And, it’s quite probably my favourite book of 2022. Collected over a period of ten years, the stories in Here Be Leviathans show an author who is full of…

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PGA Tour 2K23 Preview: Aiming for the fairway

My time spent playing golfing games is sporadic to say the least. I suck at the sport itself, but can respect the patience and nuanced skillset required to succeed. That being said, PGA Tour 2K21 piqued my interested in the sport once again, providing a detailed yet accessible control schemes and found myself admittedly addicted…

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