Day: 17 March 2022

Interview: Director Maureen Bharoocha and actress Ramona Young on their SXSW revenge comedy The Prank

After missing out on the SXSW screening experience in 2020 with her feature The Golden Arm, director Maureen Bharoocha is even more grateful to be screening her latest film, The Prank, in person this year.  As the dark comedic thriller premiered (you can read our festival review here) our Peter Gray spoke to both Maureen…

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The Bands That Made The Beer: Rusty Penny Brewing

In a brand new series, we’ll be taking a dive into local independent breweries and doing our best impression of being a Cicerone, by matching the brewery’s beers with a band. We’ll be taste testing the best a brewery has to offer and teaming tipples with tracks, all to make that drinking experience even more…

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North by Northwest

Theatre Review: David Campbell beams in sensational production of iconic Hitchcock film, North by Northwest

Before walking into the theatre, the quality of the storyline has already been confirmed as this play is based on the 1959 film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock who brought audiences iconic classics such as Vertigo (1958), Strangers on a Train (1951) and Psycho (1960). Considered the first ‘James Bond’ before there was any,…

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Film Review: Dog is an emotionally investing feature that benefits from Channing Tatum’s charm and competence as a filmmaker

Whilst he never exactly went off the grid to warrant this a “comeback”, Channing Tatum certainly reminds us just why his likeable, some may say limitedly ranged persona was such a staple in the mid 2010’s with Dog.  Not only does it see the actor step back into leading man territory – somewhere he hasn’t…

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Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection Review: Ezio lets loose on the Nintendo Switch

I am a late bloomer when it comes to the Assassin’s Creed series. My first game was Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and I have enjoyed most of the entries since that release. When people talk about Ezio, I shrug my shoulders and tentatively agree. While there have been various remakes and remasters since, like…

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League of Liars

Book Review: Astrid Scholte’s League of Liars asks the hard questions about justice

Astrid Scholte’s League of Liars is a YA fantasy thriller full of twists and turns; in which no one can be trusted to tell the truth and everyone’s motives are questionable. It’s a suspenseful page-turner with an interesting cast, told in alternating points of view. But despite its young protagonists, the book doesn’t shy away…

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The Cow; A slow burn thriller with a wild reveal that asks more questions than it answers: SXSW Film Festival Review

For such a scrappy little feature, Eli Horowitz‘s The Cow has some impressive calibre that will no doubt help earn it some extra eyes beyond the unique indie crowd this seems tailor made for. Headlined by Winona Ryder (always a treat to see taking charge these days) and a suitably disarming Dermot Mulroney, The Cow…

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