Day: 7 October 2021

Five spots to book next week now that “Freedom Day” is upon Sydney

Not that it should be grotesquely touted as “freedom day” like it’s a signal to the ongoing pandemic is over, but October 11th has now been confirmed as the day when the fully vaccinated will be able to once again start enjoying fewer restrictions in Sydney. That means that we’re now able to book in…

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Death Stranding Director’s Cut Review: Same Road, Fresh Pavement

Leave it to Hideo Kojima to release Death Stranding Director’s Cut, the expanded version of a game over which he had complete creative control. It’s no secret that Death Stranding landed amid huge anticipation and excitement. It was then met with either an overwhelming sense of confusion and, in some circles, accusations of pretentiousness, or…

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After Story

Book Review: Larissa Behrendt dissects complex family relationships in her entrancing new book After Story

Larissa Behrendt doesn’t pull any punches in this poignant but difficult examination of family relationships, racism, and the justice system. After Story is a captivating tale about a mother and daughter trying to reconnect after years of tragedy, trauma and secrets have created rifts between them. Bookworm Jasmine is a lawyer and the first of…

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Metroid Dread Review: Fear and legacy franchises

Metroid Dread is a game I thought I might never play, let alone review. For years, the Metroid franchise has sat among several other older Nintendo franchises, like F-Zero and Mother/EarthBound, gathering dust. For fans of the series, their own personal dread was real. Was their favourite Ninty franchise dead? As the wait dragged on,…

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Sam Fender

Album of the Week: Sam Fender – Seventeen Going Under (2021 LP)

You know that meme that’s been around for months now that says ‘tell me x without telling me x’? Well for Sam Fender and his second album Seventeen Going Under, that meme could most definitely be used here in the form of ‘tell me you listened to Bruce Springsteen and The Killers heaps while writing…

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Interview: Client Liaison on new album Divine Intervention, stolen jumpers & NFTs

After almost five years Melbourne indie pop duo Client Liaison returned last week with their second album Divine Intervention along with a swathe of singles. The quirky Melbourne-based pair had to delay the original release date amid another lockdown but eventually felt they had to get their music out there for their devoted fanbase. We caught…

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Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Review: Viva La Revolution

The Far Cry series has faltered over the past few years. Recent iterations were either lacking immersive worlds, memorable villains, innovative gameplay, or all three. While far from terrible, it’s clear that nothing has been as good as the darling that is Far Cry 3. And it seems as though Ubisoft has heard. Far Cry…

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transfer Nintendo Switch OLED

How to transfer your Nintendo account to your new Switch OLED

You’ve just opened your brand new Nintendo Switch OLED and you’re ready to transfer your account across. But wait a second — how do you do that, exactly? Here’s our step-by-step guide to transferring your user and save data to a new Nintendo Switch OLED. 1. First things first So to start with, let’s answer…

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Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Review: Lateral thinking with withered technology

The Switch OLED represents the best version of the Nintendo Switch hardware to date. In the four years since the launch, the core Switch hardware has received one prior refresh. The 2019 model featured a higher capacity battery and made a small change to the shape of the Joy-Cons. The Switch OLED is, largely, more…

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