Day: 10 September 2020

Film production set to ramp up in Australia as Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis gets underway in Queensland

“We’re back to, as Elvis liked to say, ‘taking care of business’”. And with that statement, Oscar-nominated director Baz Luhrmann once again controls the reins of Elvis, a musical drama detailing the life and music of the iconic Elvis Presley. After an unexpected delay in filming due to the unprecedented world events, cameras will roll…

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Everything Everything (UK) talk Re-Animator: Sometimes I sing so high it’s just insane

Last month I sat down on a Zoom call with Jonathan Higgs and Alex Robertshaw from the British group Everything Everything, who tomorrow release their long awaited new album Re-Animator. It’s their fifth album in a decade and their first since 2017’s brilliant A Fever Dream – which saw them tour Australia at the end…

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Track of the Day: Stevan “Impress You” (2020)

Following up the huge success of his debut mixtape Just Kids, Wollongong-based artist Stevan wastes no time with new single “Impress You”. Gliding over a fast-bubbling beat shaped by LUCIANBLOMKAMP, it’s clear the 19-year-old artist has no designs to slow down anytime soon, demonstrating a sound that’s even more expansive and open than the potent…

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Interview: MasterChef alumni Matt Sinclair shares his tips and techniques on all things beef

As warmer weather approaches, what better way to celebrate spring than a good old fashioned BBQ or cooking up a Sunday roast? The AU Review spoke with MasterChef finalist and restaurant owner of Sum Yung Guys, Matt Sinclair, who enlightened us with his knowledge of the best beef cuts and cooking techniques. From slow braising,…

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Album of the Week: Everything Everything comes out of hibernation with Re-animator (2020 LP)

Everything Everything has always been a band that treads the fine line between grandiose displays of eccentric rock ready for heaving festival crowds, and smart, reclusive, ballad inspired classics fit for a small sweaty room filled with wine and scotch drinks.  Being able to seamlessly meander across this spectrum of sound has enabled the Manchester…

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Koko Black blesses chocolate lovers with new Australiana range

Australia’s most timeless treats have been pulled in every direction for the past few years, expressed so lovingly as ice creams, biscuits, KitKat’s, and more. Now, artisan chocolatier Koko Black have thrown their considerable hat in the ring with a new range celebrating Australiana classics distilled into and expressed as various chocolate bars and crackles….

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Marvel’s Avengers Review: World’s Greatest Grind

That Marvel’s Avengers released when it did could be considered great timing. With the MCU coming to a grinding halt, I was looking forward to this as a perfect replacement. But after a worrying beta filled with repetitive gameplay and awkward mission structure, Marvel’s Avengers left me with a few concerns. Its full release is…

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The Little Lord Street Band

Exclusive Album Premiere: The Little Lord Street Band – A Minute Of Another Day (2020 LP)

This week sees the release of A Minute of Another Day, the much anticipated debut album from Perth alt-country folk group The Little Lord Street Band. The album, which officially releases tomorrow, is a mixed bag of songs that crisscrosses the genres and highlights the songwriting talents of both James Rogers and Natasha Shanks. We’re big…

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The Mother Fault

Book Review: Kate Mildenhall’s The Mother Fault is deservedly one of this year’s most hyped Australian novels

In an indeterminate future Australia where everything is run by The Department, Mim’s husband, Ben, goes missing. Unable to track him using the technology that all citizens are fitted with, members of The Department begin asking questions. They claim to be concerned for his welfare, but they take Mim’s passport and those of her two…

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Series X

Xbox confirms Australian Series S/Series X launch date and pricing

Following the announcement of its low-cost Series S console on Tuesday, Xbox has formally announced pricing on the higher-end Series X. The Xbox Series X will retail for $499 in the US, in line with price points indicated in Tuesday’s leaks. This translates to $749 AUD, as announced by Xbox ANZ on socials earlier this…

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Women's Prize for Fiction

Maggie O’Farrell wins 2020 Women’s Prize for Fiction

Overnight it has been announced that Maggie O’Farrell has won the 2020 Women’s Prize for Fiction with her eighth novel Hamnet.  As has become the norm in the age of COVID, the announcement was made during a live digital awards ceremony, with 2020 Chair of Judges Martha Lane Fox announcing O’Farrell as this year’s winner…

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