Koko Black blesses chocolate lovers with new Australiana range

Australia’s most timeless treats have been pulled in every direction for the past few years, expressed so lovingly as ice creams, biscuits, KitKat’s, and more. Now, artisan chocolatier Koko Black have thrown their considerable hat in the ring with a new range celebrating Australiana classics distilled into and expressed as various chocolate bars and crackles.

We’re talking the likes of Gaytime Goldies, Koko Vovo, and Jam Wagons. And from the names alone, you can tell what kind of flavour profiles each has been inspired by.

The “Koko Black Australian Classic Collection” will be available online from today and in-store from September 24th, but they are only going to be around for a short time so you better get a move on if you want some edible nostalgia to help you keep those bad 2020 vibes at bay.

“Every single person has memories they can look back to as the ‘good old days’ – where milk bars were on every corner, and where summers were filled with memories of birthday parties, fetes and trips to the tuckshop,” said Remco Brigou, Head Chocolatier and Product Innovation Manager at Koko Black. “We want our Australian Classics Collection to reinvent these moments in a contemporary way, making people feel those found Australian memories are here”.

The official description and individual prices of all new flavours can be found below.

Gaytime Goldies – Single Bar, $6.00 / 3 Pack, $17.90

Mostly sweet but slightly salty; mostly milky, sometimes malty. An oldie and a goldie, to remind Australians of sunny afternoons and ice-creams that melted far too quickly. Vanilla and malted caramel ganache, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with hazelnuts.

Koko Vovo – Single Bar, $6.00 / 3 Pack, $17.90

A trip down memory lane to the biscuit jar at Grandma’s house. All the flavours of sweet afternoons, and everything nice dunked in tea! Milk chocolate coated biscuit topped with strawberry rosewater marshmallow, raspberry jelly and coconut.

Jam Wagons – Single Bar, $6.00 / 3 Pack, $17.90

An iconic sandwich of marshmallow, chocolate, jam and biscuit. Tastes like tuckshop treats and wheelies outside the milk bar. Crumbly biscuit batons topped with marshmallow and raspberry jam coated in milk chocolate.

Honey Joys (Milk and 54% Dark Chocolate) – $15.90 per packet

A party-time favourite returns to capture the golden memories of crispy cornflakes and patty pans. Crunchy cornflakes and sticky honey, mixed in creamy milk chocolate or decadent dark chocolate.

Koko Crackles – In Between 130g, $15.90 / Slab 220g – $24.90

Forever young, but a little bit grown up, Koko Black’s Koko Crackles will remind Australians of the first time in the kitchen full of sugar-highs. Crispy rice bubbles with caramelised coconut and white chocolate, dipped in dark chocolate.

Lamington Slice – In Between 150g, $15.90 / Slab 220g – $24.90

Koko’s own take on a classic little cake. Fluffy, sweet morsels to recreate memories of roadside bakeries, school fetes and happy days. Dreamy, chocolate marshmallow and raspberry jelly, dipped in dark chocolates and dusted with coconut.

An ‘Ultimate Classic Collection Hamper’ featuring all products in the Australian Classics
range will also be available to purchase online for $169.

For information and to make any online purchases head on over to kokoblack.com.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy-Editor-At-Large of the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.