Day: 20 December 2019

Track of the Day: Rick Sextant “Mingle with Kringle” (2019)

We bring your our final Track of the Day for the year.  It is only fitting that we finish with a Christmas song. Or perhaps it isn’t. Nonetheless, here goes. Enjoy the catastrophe that is Rick Sextant’s ode to the festive season, entitled “Mingle with Kringle”.     Feel free to follow Rick on twitter in case…

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Film Review: Nothing will prepare you for the experience that is Cats

Horror films have had a banner year in 2019. They crept under the audience’s skin, lingering in the mind long after the credits had stopped rolling. But none of them seemed as haunting as the first theatrical trailer for Tom Hooper‘s Cats. When the trailer was released, the public opinion was overwhelmingly negative. Many viewers were…

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Xbox Game Pass May

A last minute holiday gift guide for the lazy gamer

Time to admit it: you need a gift guide. It’s a few days to Chrimbo and you’ve only just realised because you’ve been playing Death Stranding. You’ll be at the shopping centre this weekend to see Star Wars which presents an opportunity to do some last minute Christmas shopping. But what do you get the…

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Re-Discovery: 40 of the best songs from the last decade you need back in your life

We’re excited to introduce a new Spotify playlist, designed to take you down memory lane, looking at a selection of songs that you might have forgotten about, or missed when they were first released. Our first Re-Discovery playlist looks at the last decade, taking you through some of the best music between 2010 and 2019….

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Rums, whiskies and wines that pair well with any Christmas feast

Rum, whisky and wine. Clear spirits take a backseat when it comes to ideal Christmas pairings, and wine is infallible given the multitude of flavours in a silly season feast. You might as well be across your best options, right? We’ve rounded up some of the best for you to go grab in your last…

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11 theme parks and attractions opening in 2020 around the world to get excited about

It’s going to be a massive year in 2020 for those who enjoy theme parks, with a number of brand new, highlight anticipated parks and expansions opening up all over the world. There are also new museums, IMAX cinemas and even hotels that are worthy of getting excited about here in Australia and overseas. Here’s…

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