Best Music of 2020

The 40 Best International Tracks of 2020

Yesterday, we shared the 40 best Australian tracks of 2020, and now as the AU team heads out on a Summer Break, it’s time to count down the best 40 tracks from the rest of the world that made their mark. As we touched on in that article, it’s been an incredible year of music…

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Re-Discovery: 40 of the best songs from the last decade you need back in your life

We’re excited to introduce a new Spotify playlist, designed to take you down memory lane, looking at a selection of songs that you might have forgotten about, or missed when they were first released. Our first Re-Discovery playlist looks at the last decade, taking you through some of the best music between 2010 and 2019….

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The 20 Best Albums of 2018 (so far…!)

This week, we’ve been taking a look at the albums that have properly made their mark this year; yesterday, we took on releases from Australian artists that struck a chord as the strongest albums of 2018 so far, and today, we look to the international players. From Zeal & Ardour‘s Stranger Fruit to the vibrant and powerful Janelle…

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Album Review: Typhoon’s latest Offerings is a gamble that doesn’t come up short

Some four and a bit years ago, I was wandering Austin City Limits on my way to see someone or other. I brushed past a stage where no less than eleven people were producing some of the most impressive music I’d heard in sometime. The band, it turned out, were Typoon, an outfit out of…

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Five Albums You Must Listen to This Week (#001)

Kicking off a brand new feature column at the AU, we’re digging through our playlists, record collections, not to mention linking up with some of our favourite writers to find out what album’s they’re really digging at the moment. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be checking in with different writers to find out what’s been on…

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