Rums, whiskies and wines that pair well with any Christmas feast

Rum, whisky and wine. Clear spirits take a backseat when it comes to ideal Christmas pairings, and wine is infallible given the multitude of flavours in a silly season feast. You might as well be across your best options, right?

We’ve rounded up some of the best for you to go grab in your last minute Christmas rush.

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Spiced Rum is always a popular option for Christmas time, thanks to the rich vanilla and cinnamon notes that pair well with holiday feasts. You’re going to want at least one of these bottles sitting on your table when gift day comes around, and one of the more popular options would be The Kraken Black Spiced Rum.

They’ve recently released a swish new vessel for the spirit as well, putting this in a sea-bed salvaged white ceramic bottle, decorated with drops of black ink. The limited-edition ceramic bottle can be picked up for an RRP of $89.99 from Dan Murphy’s, First Choice and all good independent retailers.

Dead Man’s Finger Spiced Rum

A more playful and distinctive take on spiced rum, Dead Man’s Fingers, is more saffron and ice cream than anything else. Although that’s far from it, with a depth of flavour that also brings in plenty of creamy caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange. Basically, it’s a match made in heaven for Christmas cake.

You can grab a 700ml bottle for an RRP of 48.99 from

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum RTDs

There’s always that one (well, probably more than one) person at the family feast who just wants the ease of a RTD. Who can blame them? Although instead of going for the regular, you can still get quality spiced rum out of these smaller packages seeing as Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum has now, finally, put out two distinct flavours in their reimagined RTD line. That’s the “Rum & Dry” and “Rum & Cola” – obviously.

You can pick up some of these from any good alcohol retail store. RRP is $26 for a 4 pack and $58 for a 10 pack.

Chivas XV

A Scotch whisky that’s selectively finished in a Cognac cask? Sign us the hell up. Whisky is an essential for any occasion, so it’s imperative to have a good bottle of the stuff lined up for the big day. If you’re a Chivas drinker, take note that they’ve recently launched this new expression, which plays with a more fruit-forward, velvety profile, in a new gold bottle no less.

The blend brings together several 15-year-old malt and grain whiskies before finishing in prized Cognac casks. You can grab a bottle for an RRP of $90 from most retailers, including Dan Murphy’s, IBA and Liquorland. If you get one before Jan 3rd 2020, you’ll also receive one complimentary Gold Class Event Cinema ticket, which can be claimed here.

Rollins Tennessee Whiskey

If you want to play around with America’s ever-expanding whiskey scene then go for a bottle of Rollins Tennessee Whiskey. Distinguished by its use of all local ingredients, the whiskey born in the heart of wild Tennessee has been aged in American oak barrels and sticks true to the distillery’s strong traditional roots.

It’ll pair well with whatever’s in that Christmas spread, seeing as the profile is defined by flavours of cinnamon and malt, giving away to a smooth finish. Pick up a 700ml bottle for an RRP of $45 from BWS.

Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon

There’s endless options if you’re looking for a good red in Australia, but first you’ve got the decide which region you want to explore. We’ve been leaning towards The Coonawarra region as of late, which means Cavernet Sauvignon is most definitely a core focus. It helps that the signature Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon is easy on the budget too, so make sure you’ve got at least two of these bottles sitting on the Christmas table.

The wine is full of character with flavours of spicy plums, chocolate, blueberry and hints of spice. That roughly translates to “perfection” as far as the typical Christmas flavours go. Happy pairing. You can pick this one up for a RRP of $15 from BWS.

Forest Hill Vineyard Block 1 Mount Barker Riesling

In the mood for a white Christmas? Pick up this beautiful riesling, where the pure body of lime and acid tease the mouth long after the liquid is swallowed. It scored 98 Halliday points in this year’s authoritative Halliday Wine Companion, so you already know this is a must.

You can find a bottle over at Liberty Liquors for an RRP of $36.99.

Ashton Hills Clare Valley Sparkling Shiraz

If you really want to impress at Christmas lunch than fork out a bit more than you usually would on red, this one’s worth it. James Halliday described it as a “marvellous wine, rich and spicy”, and if one of the most respected critics in the wine industry thinks so, then it is so.

It won’t be as easy to get your hands on one of these so its best to go through the winery itself.

Chris Singh

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