Best Music of 2020

The 40 Best International Tracks of 2020

Yesterday, we shared the 40 best Australian tracks of 2020, and now as the AU team heads out on a Summer Break, it’s time to count down the best 40 tracks from the rest of the world that made their mark. As we touched on in that article, it’s been an incredible year of music…

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Track of the Day: Woodkid “Goliath” (2020)

It’s been a hot minute between drinks for French artist Woodkid, whose acclaimed cinematic pop sees him sit somewhere in between M83 and Hans Zimmer. Tracks like “Run Boy Run” have notably popped up in shows like Umbrella Academy, and he also scored the 2015 Jonás Cuarón film Desierto. There’s an industrial feel to his…

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Re-Discovery: 40 of the best songs from the last decade you need back in your life

We’re excited to introduce a new Spotify playlist, designed to take you down memory lane, looking at a selection of songs that you might have forgotten about, or missed when they were first released. Our first Re-Discovery playlist looks at the last decade, taking you through some of the best music between 2010 and 2019….

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