Retro Gaming

Sega Mega Drive Mini Preview: The arcade at home

August 5, 2019

In the last few years, I’ve watched on as friends with happy, Super Nintendo-infused childhoods got to grips with the SNES Mini. The SNES Mini is a recreation of Nintendo’s legendary machine that is as elegant as it is functional — a curatorial showcase of its greatest titles, controllers that were made of the same […]

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The PlayStation Classic is bringing all your fave 32-bit memories back

September 19, 2018

With the explosion of nostalgia around Nintendo’s foray into retro consoles over the last two years, it was only a matter of time before PlayStation came through with a retro console of their own. The PlayStation Classic, a miniaturised version of the venerable original PlayStation console, is on its way and it looks to be […]

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Games Review: Sega Mega Drive Classics (Xbox One, 2018): Old school cool

June 1, 2018

I have bloviated at length on this website about my upbringing as a Sega kid. While the SNES dominated the market, those of us who chose the Sega life knew we had a machine with true gems among its library. The arcade-centric counterpart to the SNES’ far broader appeal, the Mega Drive did its own […]

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The Opposite of a Rude Awakening: What the SNES Classic Mini taught me about being a Sega kid

January 7, 2018

At the beginning of my holiday break, I started working on a piece about using the SNES Classic Mini to play games I’d missed out on in my childhood as a Sega kid. The plan was to play each of these games and produce a few pars on each to illustrate the experience, how they […]

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Nintendo confirms the SNES Classic Edition, launches in September with unreleased game

June 26, 2017

Following the wild success of their NES Classic Mini console last Christmas, rumours have swirled ever since that Nintendo planned to launch a mini version of (arguably) their most popular console, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Today, the Big N have made the console’s existence official.

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Video Games Review: Rare Replay Collection

August 4, 2015

Gaming historians got pumped when Rare announced an anthology comprising many of their best games at E3 this year. The Rare Replay Collection has arrived and offers something of an industry time capsule, cataloguing the rise and fall of one of gaming history’s most celebrated developers.

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