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Disney D23 Expo 2019 Announcements Drop A Huge Slate Of New Content

August 27, 2019

Over the weekend Disney held its sixth D23 Expo, an event where the company gets to showcase all its forthcoming news and announcements to both the media and the general public. In a surprising turn after dropping the official launch announcement less than a week ago for Disney+ the company has come charging out of […]

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Film Review: Cars 3 (USA, 2017) is a near-perfect return for the franchise

June 15, 2017

It has finally arrived! After the teaser trailer that saw Lightning McQueen being absolutely annihilated on the racetrack months ago, we were all left wondering exactly where the Cars franchise had taken us with this all new installment, especially after the disappointing Cars 2 and Disney’s attempt at making it a broader universe with the […]

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Finding Dory continues its record haul at the box office

July 1, 2016

Audiences haven’t let their love for Nemo and Dory fade it would seem, as the sequel to 2003’s smash Finding Nemo tears up the box office.  Finding Dory has taken some $25 million since its release last month, after it enjoyed the highest grossing opening week for a Disney animated film in Australia (around $13 […]

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Film Review: Finding Dory (G) (USA, 2016)

June 16, 2016

Pixar Studios has long been regarded as one of the best animation studios in the world today, alongside Studio Ghibli, which in my denial still exists. But ever since the release of Cars 2, a disappointing sequel to a film that wasn’t that good to begin with, the seemingly infallible quality of Pixar has fallen. […]

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Five Pixar sequels we’re still waiting (and hoping) for

June 16, 2016

Pixar is no stranger to sequels. For over 20 years, Pixar have dominated animated cinematic releases with their critical and box-office success. With the massive acclaim behind sequels like Toy Story 2 & 3 and Monsters University, Pixar has now (much to everyone’s excitement) released Finding Dory after a 13-year wait since its predecessor, and […]

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Disney Pixar unveils Cars 3 synopsis and concept art

June 7, 2016

As Disney Pixar continues to create magical stories, occasionally they revisit old characters and touching tales. Enter Cars 3 as Lightning Mcqueen & Co make their return. Owen Wilson is back in the driver’s seat as the voice of Lightning McQueen, who is about to face a new challenge. Blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast racers, […]

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Interview: Our exclusive with Pixar’s Sharon Calahan

May 4, 2016

With Inside Out‘s Best Animated Feature win at the Oscars behind us and the release of Finding Dory creeping up on us, it’s a good time to be a Pixar fan. We caught up with Sharon Calahan, one of the studios most prolific cinematographers and talked about her work, The Good Dinosaur and the culture of a […]

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Ty Burrell is coming to Australia to promote Finding Dory

May 3, 2016

Modern Family actor and comedian Ty Burrell will be attending the Australian premiere of Finding Dory on  Wednesday 15th June as part of a two-day press tour. Burrell is set to play a Beluga Whale called Bailey who fears his echolocation skills are broken. Finding Dory sees the blue tangy dory (voiced by Ellen De Generes) Nemo and […]

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First movies confirmed for Australia’s exclusive Pixar Film Festival

January 22, 2015

Late last year it was reported that Australia would be getting it’s first ever Pixar Film Festival, presented by Disney Pixar, encouraging us all to get nostalgic about our all-time favourite Pixar films and revisit them in some of the nation’s most frequented cinemas. The runs through February for 5 consecutive weekends and is exclusive […]

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Australia to receive a Pixar Film Festival in 2015

November 13, 2014

Do you hold Toy Story close to your heart? Did Finding Nemo make you realise the importance of family? In February 2015, Disney Pixar presents its first ever Disney Pixar Film Festival, exclusive to Event Cinemas, Greater Union, Birch Caroll & Coyle and Village cinemas. The film festival will be running over 5 consecutive weekends from […]

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