Day: 15 June 2023

The Listener is a sobering, potentially triggering film magnified by Tessa Thompson’s beautiful performance: Tribeca Film Festival Review

The fifth directorial effort from actor Steve Buscemi, and his first since 2007’s Interview, The Listener is an intensely quiet film, one that hones a sobering nature that can’t help but speak to its prime pandemic nature. COVID-19 is never specifically stated across the film’s sensitive 96 minutes, but the loneliness in the story’s set-up…

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G Flip

G Flip announces DRUMMER Australian Tour

Australian artist G FLIP, known for their exceptional talent as a drummer, singer, songwriter, and producer, has announced their highly-anticipated ‘DRUMMER’ Australian Tour. Following their international success and recent tour of North America, G FLIP returns to perform 8 epic shows around Australia for the first time since 2019. G FLIP’s latest single, “Be Your…

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Maggie Moore(s) flirts with potential before fumbling its lead: Tribeca Film Festival Review

There’s an utterly fascinating (and still unsolved) murder case at the centre of Maggie Moore(s), the second directorial feature from Mad Men alum John Slattery, which aims for Coen Brothers-esque comedic darkness, but unfortunately falls short of Fargo greatness. The real case at hand was a dual assassination of sorts in 2000 Texas, where two…

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The Seeding is a torturous, psychological horror film that revels in its slow burn: Tribeca Film Festival Review

From the opening shot of Barnaby Clay‘s The Seeding there’s a sense that nothing will be as it initially appears.  There’s an immediate knowing that hell will break loose over the 94 minutes that are to come when we see the imagery of a baby chewing on human flesh in quite the most casual of…

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Film Review: Elemental blends its societal commentary with the charm of a romantic comedy

Conjuring a metropolis that separates the elements – fire, water, earth and air – as if they were diverse ethnicities, Elemental, in the guise of a romantic comedy, operates as a metaphor for the opposing views of race and class.  For a Pixar movie it all may seem a little heavy-handed, but Peter Sohn‘s delightful…

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Where Light Meets Water

Book Review: Where Light Meets Water is a moving look at life, love, art, and the high seas

Beginning in London in 1847, Susan Paterson’s debut novel Where Light Meets Water is a subtle, delightful work of historical fiction. Its protagonist is Tom Rutherford, a young man who has never known any life other than on the sea. From the time of his father’s death, Tom has been apprenticed on ships, working his way…

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Jack Biilmann

Exclusive Album Premiere: Jack Biilmann – Divided Mind (2023 LP)

Canberra-based singer/songwriter Jack Biilmann is an artist with an innate gift for delivering songs that resonate strongly. There is an honesty and warmth to them that is familiar and salving. Tomorrow he releases his latest long-play, the exquisite Divided Mind record. We’re delighted today to have the first listen of the album ahead of its…

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Foley share four memories of making their new single, “Tongue”

Foley are a duo hailing from Aotearoa, and have been releasing a string of beautifully crafted pop singles recently. They have a fresh euphoric sound, drenched in feel good sonics that has had them winning a legion of new fans of late. When their earlier single “Coffee” came across our inbox earlier this year, it…

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