Alia Shawkat

Film Review: Love Spreads is a contained drama uplifted by winning performances

June 19, 2021

As most musicians can attest, the hopeful critical and commercial success of your debut album ultimately means very little if your sophomore record under-delivers.  Such is the dilemma for Glass Heart, the fictional girl group at the centre of Jamie Adams‘ familiar-feeling Love Spreads. Seeming personal vendettas, the strain of writer’s block, and the clashing […]

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Down Under, Maeby? Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat set to attend 2018 Melbourne International Film Festival

July 2, 2018

American actor Alia Shawkat, best known for her role in cult TV comedy series Arrested Development is set to attend this years’ Melbourne International Film Festival, for the screening of biopic Blaze directed by Ethan Hawke (Training Day), in which she stars. The accomplished actor will also participate in a special In Conversation event at the Comedy Theatre on August 18th, […]

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SXSW Interview: Jessica Pohly and Alia Shawkat talk Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday

March 25, 2016

Pee-Wee Herman returned to the big (and small) screen last week with the Netflix debut of Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday. At SXSW, we caught up with stars Jessica Pohly and Alia Shawkat to talk butt pads, bank robberies and their role in the Pee-Wee revival. Well, congratulations on the film. I’m curious as to when you first received […]

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