Day: 15 December 2021

“Today? Why, today is Christmas Day!” – These are the best Christmas movies of all time!

We had so much fun listing all our spooky season favourites that we decided we needed a Christmas edition too! So stock up on candy canes, crank the air con until it feels like you’re at the North Pole, and queue up these AU-approved Christmas classics! Miracle on 34th Street (dir. Les Mayfield, 1994) Six year…

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Interview: Australian author Aaron Blabey on pitching The Bad Guys as “Tarantino for kids”; “The challenge was finding filmmakers that understood that”

To coincide with the release of the trailer for the anticipated animated action film The Bad Guys from Dreamworks Pictures, based on Australian author Aaron Blabey‘s #1 New York Times best selling series, our Peter Gray chatted with the writer himself about where the books originated from, pitching a “Tarantino film for kids”, and how…

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Film Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home is an emotional and extravagant sequel that pays specific service to its devoted fanbase

Arguably 2021’s most anticipated film – and safely the most anticipated Spider-Man title in the history of the character, thus far – Spider-Man: No Way Home is the epitome of the sweeping superhero epic.  Already a release that comes with an unreasonably high set of expectations (the are they or aren’t they debate surrounding the…

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What is the best car for travel in 2022?

Whether you’re planning a short, socially distant trip out of town this holiday season, or looking forward to a family vacation in Dubai (perhaps to visit the Expo), there are plenty of autos from the United States that will make your travels more comfortable and perhaps even more exciting. So, these are the best cars…

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Track of the Week: Mal De Mer “Do You See Me?” (2021)

Our final Track of the Week ahead of the Christmas break comes courtesy of Perth’s Mal De Mer! The six-piece have delivered a cracking dose of indie-pop in the form of latest single “Do You See Me?“, and it’s perfect for the lazy summer days ahead of us. A eclectic mix of funk inspired bass,…

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Book Review: Paul Kennedy’s Funkytown is a vivid true story of Australian adolescence

Funkytown – aka the suburb Frankston in Melbourne’s south – is the new memoir from the acclaimed ABC journalist Paul Kennedy. Covering the span of just one year, Funkytown is an evocative and entertaining coming of age story. Funkytown had it all in 1993: A Myer, two surf shops, double storey McDonalds, popcorn cinema, Brashs music store…

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