Christmas Vacation

Interview: Director Tommy Wirkola on mixing humour and gore for Violent Night and casting David Harbour as a killer Santa Claus

October 6, 2022

Santa Claus: Action hero? The jolly man in red is getting a violent, twisted makeover in Violent Night, and whilst it may seem like an odd premise, when you realise it comes from the brains behind Nobody, Bullet Train, and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters it makes perfect sense! As the trailer for the film […]

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“Today? Why, today is Christmas Day!” – These are the best Christmas movies of all time!

December 15, 2021

We had so much fun listing all our spooky season favourites¬†that we decided we needed a Christmas edition too! So stock up on candy canes, crank the air con until it feels like you’re at the North Pole, and queue up these AU-approved Christmas classics! Miracle on 34th Street (dir. Les Mayfield, 1994) Six year […]

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