The Night Before

“Today? Why, today is Christmas Day!” – These are the best Christmas movies of all time!

December 15, 2021

We had so much fun listing all our spooky season favourites that we decided we needed a Christmas edition too! So stock up on candy canes, crank the air con until it feels like you’re at the North Pole, and queue up these AU-approved Christmas classics! Miracle on 34th Street (dir. Les Mayfield, 1994) Six year […]

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The Iris’ Weekly Film and TV News Round Up! (31st July 2015)

July 31, 2015

Happy birthday to Bugs Bunny, who turned 75 on 28 July. You haven’t aged a day! In movie news, The Bourne Identity franchise is returning with Matt Damon and Tommy Lee Jones in Bourne. No plot details have been released as yet, but it is scheduled to hit cinemas in July 2016. In TV, sadly Key & […]

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