Day: 28 January 2021

The Medium

The Medium Review: Paranormal parallels

I wish I liked The Medium more than I do. Polish studio Bloober Team have attempted to parlay their talent for horror, glacially-paced exploration, and strong writing into a single title. The result is a game with a great hook, caught somewhere between a Silent Hill throwback and a walking simulator.¬† Sadly, despite its detailed…

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Film Review: Malcolm & Marie succeeds entirely off the committed performances of John David Washington and Zendaya

Although Malcolm & Marie was one of the first films to be announced as a “made during COVID-19” production, it thankfully has nothing to do with the global catastrophe. ¬†Instead, writer/director Sam Levinson (creator of HBO’s Euphoria) has opted for an in-house tragedy revolving around the titular couple (John David Washington‘s Malcolm and Zendaya‘s Marie)…

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Quirky museum of love & disappointments will open at QT Gold Coast in time for Valentine’s Day

More than 8,000 love stories and break up mementos have been sourced by the eternally playful folk behind QT Hotels & Resorts for a temporary museum dedicated to relationship relics of the past. Twisting the idea of Valentine’s Day, QT Gold Coast will turn into “Heartbreak Hotel” from 1st to 21st February, showcasing a pop-up…

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Film Review: High Ground takes a deceptively simple story to heights of excellence

High Ground is the latest film from Stephen Maxwell Johnson, whom is best known for his 2001 acclaimed film Yolngu Boy; a powerful coming-of-age story about three Aboriginal men who strive to become great hunters as they deal with social, economic and especially filial factors in maturing from adolescence to adulthood. Since then, Johnson has…

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Arlo Parks

Album of the Week: Collapsed in Sunbeams will cement Arlo Parks as one of the best artists of the 2020s

There will always be a place in the musical world for thought provoking rhythm, blues and jazz. The general downbeat nature of the style allows for introspective and reflective songs to reach the masses; and allow any listener to relate to the music irrespective of their preferred taste. For Arlo Parks, she welcomes all music…

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The Sad Ghost Club

Book Review: Lize Meddings cordially invites you to join The Sad Ghost Club

Over half a million sad ghosts follow artist Lize Meddings‘ Sad Ghost Club on Instagram. With a focus on positive mental health and making sure even the saddest of ghosts never feels alone, Meddings’ art has transitioned from screen to page, in the first volume of The Sad Ghost Club. Aimed at younger readers, the…

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Broken Waves

Exclusive Single Premiere: Broken Waves “Drag Me Back” (2021)

Adelaide-based indie-pop quintet Broken Waves are about to drop “Drag Me Back”. This is the first single off their debut EP, so we are naturally thrilled that they have chosen to premiere it at the AU review. This electro-funk track is a formidable and enticing taste of what’s to come for the band. “Drag Me…

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The first Aussie acts to play SXSW Online 2021 have been announced

If 2020 was the year that conference festivals were dealt the unexpected and either had to cancel or quickly adapt, 2021 is the year they have to settle into a new normal. For now, this means events that are entirely run online- and hopefully, as the year progresses, hybrid events that will see us start…

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