Payday 3

Game Review: Payday 3 learns from the past and sticks to what works

I don’t want this review to feel like a cop-out, given we checked out the closed beta only a couple of months ago. But in the same breath, Payday 3 feels very much the same at launch, albeit now with the added variety of additional locations, gear and load-outs. Payday 3 is in many ways…

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Game Preview: Payday 3 sticks to its successful formula

I got into the Payday franchise with Payday 2, and much later than expected. While I had first played Payday 2 way back on the PlayStation 3 upon its release, I hadn’t really sunk my teeth into its offerings until earlier this year, when I picked it up on Xbox Game Pass. And boy am…

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Prime Matter

E3 2021: Koch Media unveils Prime Matter, new game publishing arm

Media outlet Koch Media has unveiled its brand new video game publishing label, Prime Matter. The label, which will shepherd titles like Payday 3 and Encased to release enters a market increasingly devoid of mini-major publishers. The sizzle reel, embedded below, spotlights a number of the games in Prime Matter’s portfolio. Some, like Kingdom Come:…

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