The Matrix Reloaded

Interview: Clayton Watson on playing Kid in The Matrix franchise and keeping himself grounded throughout his career; “Be centred and be still, especially in front of the lens”

January 1, 2022

Clayton Watson may be most familiar to audiences as he appears above, but the actor, best known as Kid from the Matrix sequels Reloaded and Revolutions, is so much more. Returning to Sydney to attend the preview screening of The Matrix Resurrections (you can read our review here), Watson engaged with our own Peter Gray […]

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Film Review: The Matrix Resurrections toes the line between familiarity and freshness as it reconsiders reality

December 22, 2021

Few movies from 1999 can boast as much as The Matrix.  A groundbreaking effort, both in terms of its special effects and its allegoric mentality, The Wachowski‘s post-apocalyptic, philosophical action film pushed the boundaries of modern cinema, exceeding audience expectation in the process. Maintaining a cultural relevance in the decades since essentially allows such a […]

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Interview: Hugo Weaving talks about ABC’s Seven Types of Ambiguity, V For Vendetta and Kicking John Wick’s Ass

June 9, 2017

One of Australia’s top leading film and TV actors, Hugo Weaving is not a name you forget. With so much versatility and strength in every role he takes on, it’s hardly surprising he is a household name throughout the world. From his 1994 role as Tick (or Mitzi if you prefer) in Priscilla Queen of The Desert […]

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Ryan Reynolds closes deal for Deadpool sequel

April 8, 2016

As Deadpool surpasses The Matrix Reloaded to become the highest-grossing R-rated movie in box office history after grossing over $754,530,050 worldwide, it should come as no surprise that Fox are already moving forward with the sequel. In February, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Reynolds only made $2 million dollars from the film. However, the word is that negotiations for the sequel have […]

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